The top 7 lighting trends of 2022 will transform your home

Good lighting affects both visually and energetically – and it is a truth that the best lighting trends of 2022 are fully embracing. When looking at the lighting in a room, you can: to feel the heat it brings into a room. But even if a space is designed to perfection with pristine furniture and perfect decor, the beauty of the room is lost if the lighting is flat or harsh. But knowing exactly which lamps to choose and how to arrange them can be complicated — so I tapped three interior designers for their take on the top lighting trends of 2022.

If you’re wondering how something like lighting can be “trendy,” you’re not alone. I was also curious how many ways you can arrange the rays in a room. The answer is many – and one of the keys, I’ve come to learn, is leveraging different levels and dimensions to expand the space you have.

Let’s say great lighting is at the heart of great design – and the top seven lighting trends of 2022 are getting the aesthetic spotlight.

Feature image by Nikole Ramsay

Keep reading to discover the top 7 lighting trends of 2022.

Image by Ashlee Fox

#1: Frosted and above

The kitchen begs for bright, abundant light, which is why designers tend to hang pendant lights that spread rays across this room. Interior designer Cathy Kincaid admits this isn’t new for 2022, but to up the ante, she’s working frosted glass around a giant lantern in the kitchen. “This provides plenty of light with the brilliance of a lamp,” says Kincaid, who then bathes the cooking space below the island in soft rays.

#2: In the shadow of silk

Like the kitchen, the dining room or dining area is also reason for hanging lamps, but Kincaid suggests going “formal” by adding silk tones over the lamps. This provides a way to add dimension and color while softening the light.

Image Courtesy of Las Perelli

#3: Cleverly hidden

For Elena and Beatriz Perelli, the co-founders and principal designers behind Las Perelli, great lighting has an impact when resources are scarce. That is, the Perellis like to hide the actual lamps whenever possible. The duo feel that this look, which they will be hitting on this year, offers fluid convenience no matter the time of day. “It is essential for us that the atmosphere in our spaces is just as pleasant during the day as it is at night,” says Beatriz.

Image by Danielle Sabol

#4: Multiple Levels

Many designers approach lighting like a beautiful quilt: generous layers create a cozy texture. This is how Kincaid sees lighting for 2022 – from different sources and points of view. “We like to integrate lighting on multiple levels, including floor lamps, table lamps, sconces, ceiling lamps and chandeliers,” she says.

Image by Michelle Nash

#5: Low for the living room

Given the above, according to the Perelli sisters, the living room sees a bit more low-level drama. Layering has its place, but they say lower lighting is big for the living room this year. Think of spacious floor lamps and table lamps that ‘create a warm and comfortable atmosphere’, Elena illustrates.

#6: Tucked Away

Like their love of cleverly hidden lights, the Perelli sisters keep the source of rays in the bedroom hard to spot or completely tucked away this year. Their tip? Place a hidden lamp or light source on the baseboard behind the bed. This provides soft, romantic, relaxing lighting at night that provides enough light for reading in bed, but subdued enough to induce a good night’s sleep.

Image Courtesy of Las Perelli

#7: Candlelight

Because 2022 is the year of embracing a cozy, cocooned atmosphere in the home, the soft flickering of a flame is queen. As Kincaid says, “candle light is always a must.”

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