The top 6 bedroom design trends for 2022, according to a new report

Of all the rooms in your house, your bedroom is perhaps the most personal. It serves as your private retreat where you can relax, unwind and really let your individual style shine. As we look forward to 2022, making this space comfortable and personal will remain a primary focus. To achieve that snug, custom feel, elements like sustainable, high-quality materials and statement-making styles will become increasingly popular, according to a new trend report from bedding and homeware brand The Company Store. Drawing on insights from a recent survey of 1,000 American adults, the report outlines some of the top bedroom design trends to watch for in the coming year. Read on to learn how to use these must-have elements to create the bedroom of your dreams.

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1. Designing for comfort

As the coronavirus pandemic forced us to spend more time at home, creating a restful haven became paramount. In fact, 53% of consumers reported that the pandemic made them realize that keeping their home comfortable should always be a priority. With COVID-19 following us into another year, nearly half of the survey participants named designing with comfort in mind as the top bedroom design trend for 2022. To emphasize relaxation and coziness in your bedroom, layer soft pillows and soft , luxury textiles , and accessories with items that make you feel calm and comforted, such as scented candles, favorite books or family photos.

2. Sustainable bedding

Sustainability is a major concern throughout the home, influencing our choices for cleaning products, paint, food storage containers and more. But because we spend much of the day in bed, using natural, eco-friendly materials is especially important in the bedroom. In The Company Store survey, 87% of respondents said sustainability is a key consideration when purchasing for their bedroom. For those under the age of 30, that percentage has risen to 96%. Expect to see more bedding made from organic fabrics, recycled materials or sustainable fibers such as TENCEL lyocell and bamboo. To ensure your purchase is truly sustainable, check the tag or product description for certifications such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and Fair Trade Certified label.

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3. Bold Bedroom Colors

Soft neutrals like white and gray will always be a favorite for their calming feel, but warmer, bolder shades are becoming increasingly popular as bedroom colours. The report notes that orange, caramel, moss green and burgundy were among the most popular hues in The Company Store’s recent bedding collections, reflecting the broader trend toward earthy, nature-inspired colors we see throughout the home. In the bedroom, use warm, saturated tones on bedding or walls for a burst of color, or start small with accents such as pillows, throws or bedside tables.

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4. Statement Patterns

While you may be hesitant to cover your entire living room with lavishly patterned wallpaper, your bedroom is a more private space where you can experiment. Younger generations, in particular, increasingly want to make a statement with their bedroom designs. In the survey, nearly a quarter of consumers under 40 said they were prone to using eye-catching patterns in their sleeping quarters. To brighten up your own bedroom, opt for bold wallpaper, mix-and-match patterns on pillows and bedding, or ground the room with a graphic rug.

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5. Waste on quality

Quality often requires a small investment, but consumers are increasingly willing to spend when it comes to comfort. Nearly 80% of respondents said they would rather spend extra money on well-made goods that last than skimp on lower-quality trendy items. The report explains that many who spent money on high-end household items during the pandemic have grown accustomed to that luxury and now don’t want to be without them. When planning to splurge on your bedroom, consider which investment pieces will have the greatest impact. For example, a new mattress or pillow can boost your sleep quality, while a luxurious set of sheets can give you the feeling that you are staying in a chic hotel.

6. Focus on guest rooms

After many months of canceled events and virtual gatherings, many of us are ready to welcome others back into our homes. While 78% of those surveyed said they plan to host guests over the holiday season, 69% said their homes are not quite ready for entertainment yet. In preparation for gatherings with overnight visitors, rooms will be a major focus in the coming months, with 30% of consumers noting that their next bedroom-related purchase will be for their guest space rather than their own. Consider brightening up the walls in your guest room, upgrading to more colorful bedding, or even using a new mattress to make your company feel welcome and at ease.

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