The Summer 2022 Decor Trends You Can Expect to See Everywhere

Thanks to COVID, the main trends of summer 2021 were focused on the outdoors – that is, making porch, patio and backyard areas more livable and luxurious. According to the designers, that hasn’t changed; people are still updating the exterior of their homes, essentially just making it an extension of the interior. However, in the summer of 2022, decor trends are also heavily influencing interiors once again – a transition that makes the new season that much more exciting.

This is not to say, however, that the promising materials, practices and hues were not inspired by the effects of the pandemic; in fact, everything from the muted colors to the smooth curves that designers are seeing more of seems to be a direct result of the stress and uncertainty of recent years. So while living primarily outdoors may be a smaller part of the overall focus, the choice of details in response to the pandemic is far from over.

That might sound a little “sad and gloomy,” but luckily, this summer’s biggest trends are anything but. Nowadays, people want every part of their home – from the pool space to the bedroom – to be relaxing, luxurious and completely unique, and the design movements reflect that. Here, some of the top designers predict you’ll see a lot more in the coming months.

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For designer Breegan Jane, this summer is all about one material in particular: stone. “It’s showing up on coffee tables, side tables and even in pieces like wall sconces,” she tells TZR, predicting that we’ll continue to see it in all types of decor this season. “I think a big reason why stone is all the rage is the availability of beautiful, realistic options that just weren’t there in previous years,” she continues. “There are so many artificial stone-like materials on the market that mimic stone in a way that manufacturers couldn’t literally do just two years ago.”

As for how to use the stone at home, Jane points out that you shouldn’t be afraid of it. “Whether big or small,” she explains. “Put stone in your fireplace and it transforms into luxury in two seconds. Buy beautiful stone coasters for your coffee table… Play with them in different ways. You can’t go wrong.”

Decorating based on your dreams

You may have made design decisions based on your zodiac sign before. But these days, people are looking for new influences for decor inspiration – so much so that HomeGoods has created a whole new resource around one. “Our dreams tell us how we really feel, which is why HomeGoods has launched HomeGoods Dream Vibes, a digital experience to help you tap into an unexpected source of inspiration – your real dreams – to help you discover new home design trends. home and help you figure out what design elements you want need to create better energy in your home,” says Beth Diana Smith, HomeGoods Style Specialist and Principal Designer at Beth Diana Smith Interior Design. To easily exploit this trend, you can open the website and “tell” the resource about your dreams. Your sentiment is then decoded to provide your “Dream Vibe”, a personalized mood board that helps you hone in on specific trends and aesthetics that work for you.

Blur inside and outside

The indoor-outdoor trend is not new, but according to designers, it will continue to gain traction this summer. “Summer is always a good time to blur the outside and inside lines,” says Jade Joyner, co-founder and lead designer at Metal + Petal. “It’s a time to enjoy a perfect outdoor and indoor space.”

There are more than a few ways to do this. Joyner’s tips? “Rearrange your fireplace seating as a focal point to embrace the outside views. Make each room ‘feel’ like a sunroom. Think of ‘tropical escape’ creating an inner jungle.”

Tara Miller of The Heartland Interior Design says that more and more people are moving away from traditional outdoor decor and incorporating sculptural and art-inspired pieces. An example of this, she says, is using a luxurious, molded coffee table as the centerpiece of an outdoor furniture grouping. While it’s not just about bringing the indoors outside – as designer Megan Molten says, many are also bringing the outdoors in. However, you don’t need a green thumb to make this work. While Christine Vroom of Christine Vroom Interiors agrees there is a definite movement to bring the outdoors in these days, she says she is seeing “more fake plants coming as they are easier to maintain and some really beautiful realistic options are coming to the market.” Marketplace”.

Blue and green tones

According to Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, her team has started tracking a shift from gray to blue and green in recent years. “While classic neutrals like Pure White SW 7005 remain top sellers, we’ve really embraced these additional hue groups and almost used them as neutrals now in an expanded color space,” she tells TZR.

But while green is certainly having a moment of its own, Joyner is enhancing blue in particular. “[It’s] officially the color of summer 2022,” she shares. “Blue is a shade that almost every room needs. It’s a beautiful foundation to start with, an easy color to use and almost everyone loves the color.” Specifically, Joyner is currently in the light blue color used in contemporary ways.


You haven’t seen the latest trend of curves. In fact, Libby Rawes of Sharp + Gray Interiors says it’s one of the biggest she’s noticing right now. “Curves are being incorporated into all types of furniture,” she says, “from chairs to sofas, sofas and even accessories.” And there’s a good reason for that. The designer says these softer silhouettes are a great way to break up the harsh lines of a room. “I love how they feel fresh and add movement,” she continues.

How to be creative with ink

It’s not just about what colors you wear in summer 2022 – it’s about how you wear them. According to Kate Lester of Kate Lester Interiors, an increasingly popular practice is color finishing. “Choosing a color for your windows and door trim instead of plain white will add interest and contrast – especially if you keep the walls white!” she tells TZR.

Miller also sees monochromatic rooms having a moment. “People are hugging the all-green room, the all-red room, and the completely covered blue room,” she says. “Taking a paint color and painting the walls, trim and ceiling in that color is a success. This simple painting technique dramatically transforms her room and gives it a touch of personality.”

And the painting trends don’t stop there. “Lacquer finishes are having a great time,” says Joyner, “and painting a ceiling with a high-gloss finish or adding a lacquer piece is very summery — a classic vibe you’ll love for years to come.” Vroom seconds this. “I’m starting to see a higher glow, hopefully balancing out all that matte we’ve been doing.”

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