The Stir It Up wireless turntable keeps it simple and durable

In recent years, the resurgence of vinyl collecting has also seen the return of affordable and solidly built turntables, vinyl playback equipment that enters the important field of mid-tier priced and easy-to-use enthusiast solutions. While dedicated and ambitious audiophiles will invest in discrete components, there is also a market for those looking for simplicity coupled with good design – a turntable that just works, preferably with existing wired or wireless speakers. House of Marley’s latest turntable is such a solution.

The name takes its name from the 1967 Bob Marley and the Wailers song of the same name House of Marley Stir It Up wireless turntable is intended for the music lover who wants to start collecting vinyl without the worry of purchasing additional components, a plug-and-play belt drive solution that can be used without plugging in via a Bluetooth speaker or headphone jack (there is also the option to connect via RCA output if you prefer to stay wired).

Detail of tonearm and counterweight of the Stir It Up Wireless turntable.

Anti-skate control and the automatic start/stop control apply a small external force to the tonearm, counteracting the tendency of the arm to skate and scratch towards the center.

House of Marley goes the extra mile to bend these eco-friendly bona fides with their sturdy bamboo skirting. Combined with the matte black fabric base and aluminum plate with complementary metal tonearm, the system communicates a warm mid-century modern design that is adaptable to almost any contemporary interior.

Detail of Stir It Up Wireless turntable, with bamboo top and black base, with outputs and power ports.

Most people will probably use this turntable wirelessly over Bluetooth, but we applaud the inclusion of a USB port for the ability to record to a computer. An internal amplifier can be switched off with a simple switch for use with an external preamplifier.

Additional eco-conscious materials chosen include post-consumer silicone residue sourced from REGRIND silicone, REWIND fabric comprised of a blend of 30% recycled organic cotton, 30% recovered hemp, and a blend of 40% recycled PET, recycled plastic and recyclable aluminum. The sum of these eco-materials gives the whole turntable the appearance of a visual weight and durable quality, although we personally would prefer if the plinth + base were a little less thick, perhaps in a ratio of 1:3 bamboo to base.

Three-quarter view of Stir It Up Wireless turntable, with bamboo top and black base against a light gray background.

Top view of Stir It Up Wireless turntable, with bamboo top and black base against a light gray background.

Unlike some turntable models in this price range, House of Marley includes a legit Audio-Technica modular cartridge that seems entirely appropriate for the $250 turntable segment; an easy upgrade path is available if desired. The only real (minor) attack on the Stir It Up Wireless Turntable is the lack of a dust cover; instead, a cloth cover is included.

Turntable side profile with tonearm, bamboo plinth and black fabric base.

As a nice extra detail, a quote from Bob Marley is engraved along the length of the tonearm.

If you’re looking for a turntable that prioritizes the listening experience and can connect to existing wireless Bluetooth speakers or headphones with unerring ease, the handsome House of Marley Stir It Up wireless turntable makes a strong case for it – a warmly realized design that fits into the house, sounds good indeed.

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