The Sims 4: The high school years

As long-time players already know, expansion packs for The Sims 4 It usually adds new game mechanics in Create A Sim and Build Mode. The Sims 4: The high school years It’s no different, and players can expect to get more building/purchase items for their building needs after installing it.

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Teenage sims is all about discovering identities, likes, and showcasing talent. One way players can do this is to decorate teen rooms and buy skill building items. The Sims 4: The high school years It brings almost everything a teen could want in a build/buy mode, and it’s one of the first packages to include items designed for curved walls now in the game.

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building items

wallpaper and flooring

The high school years have new backgrounds, paint, and bricks for players to use in their builds. It’s geared towards teens, so bright colors and intricate designs are highlighted with some options and all the high school architecture comes in the package. In total, the package includes eight new wallpapers and one land option.

Doors, gates and fences

There are a few residential fence and door options, but most are used for the construction of Copperdale High School. Players can fully customize the high school part with these game items and core game items. There are also doors designed specifically for curved walls included in the package. In total, the package includes seven doors, two gates and three fences.

Windows and wall decorations

There are curved windows as well as some interactive windows and trellises. Sims can now enter or exit using the EZ window, and if they are set to a second story, they can use the trellis to climb. In total, the package includes five windows, one wall decal, and four trellises.

buy items

beds and seats

Sims now have more bed and chair options than ever before. Teens can have the bed of their choice for pillow fights that come with funky bed frames or the ultimate gaming chair for streaming. Players can also find cafeteria seating and classroom chairs. In total, the package includes ten beds, 17 chairs and four sofas.

Hardware and plumbing

The purchase categories that received the least amount of extras are hardware and plumbing. Appliances consist of three trash cans, three food and beverage vending machines, and for plumbing, there’s a new, discontinued bathroom and one sink.

Decorations and miscellaneous

The Sims 4: The high school years It has many ecological decorations and materials. This is where players will find items that teens can use to truly express themselves. These categories consist of 88 items including curtains, rugs, wall decorations, clothes racks, mirrors, cupboards, dolls, and sculptors.

Activities and skills

The new package introduces clubs and functions such as cheerleading, football and video game streaming. Players can use the following exclusive DLC items to build these skills:

  • gaming pc (4)
  • gaming tablet (1)
  • cheerleading mat (3)
  • Football (1)

The package also includes more items for fun activities, including six radios, two chess boards, one microphone, and two photo booths.

Storage and shelves

From bedside tables to bookcases, there are plenty of storage and shelving items that come with the package. They can be used for things like holding small items and placing lights or hand-held devices. In total, the package includes 13 tables, seven desks, 16 shelves, 12 dressers and four bookcases.


Finally, there are 16 lights that come with the new package. Players can use the new LED lights or soft fairy lights to create an ambiance in their bedrooms. There are also more refined options for wall lamps or ceiling lamps that attract attention to those who want to make an impression.

The Sims 4: The high school years Available on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and Xbox One

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