The Shrimp is a mid-sized keyboard that challenges you to use it

An upcoming mini keyboard was teased for the first time, and to say it looks a bit quirky would be an understatement. The Shrimp, as the keyboard is called, is a small device made for gaming on the go.

Equipped with only the necessary buttons, this keyboard won’t help you type an email or chat with your colleagues, but it could be an interesting alternative to using a full-size keyboard on a gaming laptop.

Nordic Games Supply

We’ve seen plenty of mini gaming keyboards over the years, like the Corsair K7 Pro, but that’s not all. The Shrimp gaming keyboard is a small device with only a handful of keys making it completely useless for anything other than gaming. At the same time, it still maintains a proper keyboard layout.

Unlike some mini gaming keyboards, the Shrimp uses a full third of a full-size keyboard, covering the keys needed for movement and some key combinations more commonly used in games. However, there is a difference from standard keyboards and it is at the top: the numbers and function keys are combined in a single row.

At first glance, the keyboard looks a bit fun, but the colorful layouts tilt that impression in the direction of “cute” rather than “ridiculous.” It looks like Nordic Game Supply (NGS) will release the device in various colors and art schemes, ranging from a semi-traditional, mostly black design to a mix of pinks and oranges. The keyboard also comes with a textured magnetic wrist strap.

The Shrimp comes with Gateron G Pro switches and a total of 25 classic Cherry keys. The key lettering is oversized and comes with a variety of RGB lighting options. NGS also added some sound dampening tricks to the device, and supposedly the keys will be easy to map. According to the press release, first shared by TechPowerUp, no additional key mapping software will be required to meet your needs.

The Shrimp mini keyboard.
Nordic Games Supply

At the top of the keyboard, you’ll find two knobs, presumably used as media controls. The keyboard can be connected via USB-C and is said to be compatible with desktop PCs, gaming laptops, and PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles. Unfortunately, the company has yet to reveal the availability and price of the new product.

For most gamers, the use case for this keyboard will be quite limited. If you are already at home gaming, you can also choose one of the best gaming keyboards that also allows you to do something else from time to time. However, if you tend to play on the go, shrimp can come in handy. It fits in a backpack and still should be more comfortable to play than a regular laptop keyboard.

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