The multipurpose lamp concept is ingenious in its simplicity

Light is essential to human life, and the variety of lighting products is evidence of how important it is in every aspect of our lives. This means that there is almost no one-size-fits-all design because we need light in different places, such as desks, ceilings, and even in our hands sometimes. Sometimes it can be more convenient if we can reuse the same lamp design for different purposes, especially if we tend to move around a lot or change settings now and then. Sometimes this kind of flexibility requires an unconventional and often complex design, but this modular lamp concept proves that it can actually be as simple as one letter of the alphabet.

Designer: Youngseok Han (Loveit Studio)

It is not uncommon for a desk lamp to become a pendant lamp unless it has some trick to make it transform into different shapes. These designs come with the drawbacks of moving parts and less than trivial functionality. In contrast, the C lamp is one shape, yet it is this very shape that allows it to be used in many different ways and contexts.

As the name suggests, the bulb comes in the shape of the letter “C,” although it may be more akin to what some might call a “cent” currency symbol with vertical protrusions at the top and bottom. One of these bumps contains LED bulbs that provide illumination, while the opposite end has a USB-C port for charging the battery inside. Formwork may come in two halves, but they come together to form one piece without any additional part, movable or otherwise.

The C-lamp can function on its own as a table lamp that shines its light upwards when standing upright, or it can be positioned in either direction when lying on its side. It is also possible to use the flashlight itself as a dedicated flashlight, especially since it does not need to be plugged in to use it.

But its uses don’t stop there. The large space in the middle allows you to hang it on hooks, turning it into a wall-mounted lamp. The gap between the two ends also allows the lamp to be hung on rods, whereby a row of these can become a rather distinctive pendant light hanging from the ceiling. They can also be hung on coat racks or stands for decorative light fixtures.

The idea is that the C light can be used in multiple ways and in different settings, either alone or in a group. It can even be produced in different colors to match your ever-changing aesthetic idea or tastes. The design concept gives you the flexibility to change your setting at any time without losing functionality, allowing you to be creative and expressive with how you light your space.

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