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The Hexclad Dutch Oven Just Launched – Catch It On Sale


Grab the newest addition to the only stainless steel and nonstick hybrid cookware line: the Hexclad Dutch Oven. The best part? It is in promotion.

If you’ve heard of Gordon Ramsay, you know that his bar is pretty high. Naturally, we had to check out the cookware he calls “the Rolls Royce of cookware.” Not only did it pass our extensive tests with flying colors, it was also endorsed by Oprah, which needs no introduction. Last week marked the launch of the newest addition to the internet’s famous line of hybrid cookware: the Hexclad Dutch Oven.

Dutch ovens (and their accessories) are the quintessential kitchen tool. They bake bread, make flavorful chilies, and work beautifully for braising pork tenderloins. While Dutch ovens may be the true cookware MVPs, there are some downsides. They are bulky, heavy and often difficult to clean. That’s why the launch of Hexclad’s lightweight Dutch oven is so important.

What are Hexclad cookware?

For those of you who have never heard of Hexclad cookware, let me fill you in. The stainless steel pans are durable and sear steaks to perfection, while the nonstick pans offer easy stirring and prevent burnt-on food particles from building up. Hexclad cookware is the first to combine the two in its own hybrid range of cookware.

Cookware by Hexclad (including the new Hexclad Dutch Oven) is all metal cookware, oven and dishwasher safe. Use them on any cooktop with exceptional results. The pans feature a honeycomb pattern that offers more than just an eye-catching look – it helps with even heat distribution for a perfectly cooked meal.

Even better, Hexclad cookware comes with a lifetime warranty on all of their products.

What is the Hexclad Dutch Oven?

This five-quart Dutch oven is half the weight of a traditional Dutch oven, giving it a powerful portability advantage over competitors. As expected, it offers the same nonstick, stainless performance as other cookware in the Hexclad cookware sets. In addition to the even heat distribution provided by the hybrid materials, a distinctive lid locks in moisture for perfect roasts and stews – a critical feature for slow cooking.


Where to buy the Hexclad Dutch Oven

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For a limited time, Hexclad is offering its Dutch oven at an incredible $50 discount, making it less than $200! This deal is not going to last – especially when other readers hear about it. Secure your Dutch oven on the Hexclad website before it sells out (and check out their cookware sets for other great finds at up to 30% off).

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