The First of Its Kind, ‘The Home Gallery’, a Special Collection of Factory-Made Homes, Launched in the Los Angeles Area

Challenging the status quo of the manufactured home industry, The Home Gallery presents a new vision for the future of home buying, with a variety of architectural styles and a seamless process from purchase to installation.

MALIBU, California, November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — From the founders of ORBIT Homes comes The Home Gallery, a curated collection of the most innovative brands in factory-built homes. The Home Gallery website features a number of homes. California The bungalows and traditional floor plans feature cross-modal and contemporary layouts, with a wide price range that fits modest budgets and more upscale limits.

Home Gallery

“Contemporary factory-built homes are changing the homeowners landscape,” said Or Michaelo, CEO and Founder of The Home Gallery and ORBIT Homes. “With the opening of The Home Gallery, we can offer people the opportunity to experience owning a home and choosing a home that looks and feels like traditional newly built construction. Our goal is for people to have their dream home where they want it, at a price point they can afford.”

Michaelo coined the phrase ‘factory built’ homes because the homes offered through The Home Gallery challenge the status quo of the typical manufactured home builder. Home Gallery homes are built with the highest federal building codes, meaning you can buy from The Home Gallery series of homes and place them wherever you want. State of California making sure they will comply with any city or county building codes.

Home Gallery homes are an excellent alternative to traditional stick-built homes, as they produce significantly less waste and have a lower carbon footprint. Every house is solar ready, and for every factory built house, The Home Gallery buys carbon credits that plant trees to offset the environmental impact. Another bright aspect of factory-built homes is that, as a financially viable option, they offer a viable solution to the housing crisis being felt and looming in California.

Homes can not only be placed in residential areas and park communities, but the homes under the Home Gallery umbrella are perfect for ADUs (Accessory Housing Units) for passive income generation or Ag land development. Home Gallery agents make the whole process simple and easy by handling everything from start to finish for buyers, including expediting permits.

The Home Gallery is the first of its kind to include a hi-tech purchasing process complete with both virtual and augmented reality components. With the help of The Home Gallery representatives, clients can “build” their own custom home by choosing the floor plan and model that fits their needs and budget, adding unique design features such as a patio or pool, and then “walking around” inside. like by the virtual. Customers can even choose carefully selected furniture for specific floor plans. This is truly an experiential process.

Additionally, if a buyer wishes to tour a “real-life” staged model, they can connect with a representative for a tour in person or via Zoom. The Home Gallery is also equipped with an augmented reality component that allows them to go to the client’s property and use an iPad to “drop” a particular floorplan onto the plot, allowing clients to look out of their window and experience the real view.

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About Home Gallery

Homes Gallery is a curated collection of leading brands in “factory-built” homes. Its website features a selection of factory-built homes, from traditional floor plans to cross-modal and contemporary models, with a wide price range for modest budgets and luxury options. All models in The Home Gallery line are built to the highest federal building codes and are ready to be placed in any area. For eco-conscious buyers, every home comes ready with a solar panel, and for each factory-built home, The Home Gallery buys carbon credits that go into planting more trees to offset the environmental impact. With the help of an agent and their virtual and augmented reality portal, customers can create and select customized skins for their homes with design elements such as patios, pools, and even carefully selected furniture for specific floor plans. Visit to experience it for yourself.

About ORBIT Houses

ORBIT Houses a Malibu, Californiabased home builder offering uniquely manufactured homes with contemporary design, open floor plans and premium materials. ORBIT Homes redesigned the typical manufactured home, choosing to build their home to the highest federal building codes while combining beautiful contemporary design. Their processes allow the construction of an entire house to be designed and fully supervised within a factory. The designs are luxurious, accessible and produce less waste during construction. They are much faster to build and require minimal time for installation. Every home comes ready with solar panels, and for each home built at the factory, The Home Gallery buys carbon credits that go into planting more trees to offset the environmental impact. ORBIT Homes creates modern homes with floor plans that maximize outdoor pleasure and entertainment. Visit to experience it for yourself.

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Home Gallery

Home Gallery



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