The Block 2022 recap episode 1: Five new teams arrive in the country and realize their tree change will be tougher than they thought

The block is back for more amazing home renovations, and for the first time ever, we’re in the country to change wood.

Five new teams arrive in what is truly the greatest Block ever, and they’re thrown straight into the deep end with a 48-hour House Decider challenge.

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The reality of Block hits hard and fast as the teams battle reno mistakes and misunderstandings to try and deliver a bedroom good enough to get them first choice of the houses.

And one team’s confusion over some well-intentioned design advice results in a unique room feature that makes them fear they won’t secure their favorite house.

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Before we get to that, we’re reunited with host Scott Cam, who is also renovating a house this year.

He has arrived three months early to get a few rooms ready. The facade, veranda and front lawn are also beautifully landscaped and provide the perfect setting to meet the new participants.

The first to arrive at the Gisborne construction site are Block fans Tom and Sarah-Jane from Victoria.

When they get to Scotty’s front lawn, there’s no one to be seen, but soon enough another team arrives and it’s sunny Queensland couple Dylan and Jenny.

Next, former AFL player Joel and influencer Elle from Sydney, who are instantly recognized by Tom and Sarah-Jane as famous faces.

Then Victoria’s Ankur and Sharon drive up, already promising not to “break up as a result The block“, which is always a good sign.

Last but certainly not least are the happy best friends Omar and Oz who hail from Sydney.

Now everyone here Scotty – along with his kelpie Frankie – makes his entrance and explains the 48 hour House Decider challenge to the teams.

“So now we’re going to see what you guys can do over the next 12 weeks with 10 acres. It’s never been done before in Block history. The question I have for you is simple, do you have what it takes? Why don’t we find out right now?” Scotty asks the contestants.


He tells them that there are five farmsteads on the property, each a different size and shape with their own unique views of the Macedon Ranges.

To get first choice of the house to renovate this season, they will compete in a House Decider challenge. This requires them to remodel a bedroom in 48 hours with a budget of just $5,000 and using traditions from hipages.

Scotty assigns them a house for the challenge based on the order they arrived in, and the teams race to the properties to get started.

After some debate about which room to decorate their bedroom in, Tom and Sarah-Jane settle in and go to work. They go for a modern farmhouse look with green and white walls.

And then we are treated to our first reno fail The block 2022.

After the walls have been plastered, Tom tries to save some time by priming the wall during the night. The only problem is that the plaster hasn’t been sanded yet.

“I don’t need to be nice now, just slap it on so it’ll all be sanded off tomorrow anyway,” he says, not realizing his mistake.

The next morning, the polisher returns to sanding, giggling as he greets Sarah-Jane.

“They’re like, what have you done to the walls? You don’t put primer on until the plaster is sanded,” recalls Sarah-Jane.

“I don’t realize it’s like paint,” Tom explains.

This means Tom had to hand sand the walls before doing the primer he stayed up all night to apply.

Later, things take a turn when Tom struggles to operate a paint spray gun and ends up in an argument with Sarah-Jane. Stress and overwhelming nature of the first two days on The block comes to Sarah-Jane as she tears up.

The Block 2022 Tom and Sarah Jane
Sarah-Jane is in tears after an argument with Tom. (Nine)

Elsewhere, Omar and Oz have hit the ground running after a slow start, planning a bedroom with a neutral palette, storage and the occasional chair.

Dylan and Jenny are making good progress with their bedroom, which has “country vibes” and “Mediterranean farm style texture, nude colors and something like luxury”.

The Block 2022 - Week 0
Dylan and Jenny are getting ready to turn this room into a bedroom. (Nine)

As for Joel and Elle, they look far from the country for their bedroom inspiration, creating a coastal cool style. They’ve also decided to forgo carpeting and pay $750 for hardwood floors, even though they’re on a tight budget and on a tight deadline.

Scotty pays them a visit and although he claims he likes the features of the room, he tells them “it’s a room to lose”.

In house 4, Ankur and Sharon have their own reno failure. Sharon is keen on a reclaimed wood wall in the bedroom, but Scotty worries it might look like a “man cave”.

“I don’t think it has to be really rustic, it can be timber – beautiful. I don’t know about the rough rustic [wood]. You do that in a man cave by the pizza oven, but not in the bedroom,’ he advises.

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Against Scotty’s advice, Sharon goes to a farm in search of scrap lumber and reveals a hidden talent for driving a forklift. It seems she misunderstood his comments and thought he meant she shouldn’t do an entire wall with rustic timber, so she’s gone and done half a feature wall instead.

“Ta-daaaaa – I listened to you,” Sharon tells Scotty proudly.

“No you didn’t, you did the exact opposite of what I said,” he laughs.

But that is not the only problem, the wooden beams in the ceiling are 30 mm short. Scotty recommends fixing it, because if they leave it like that, the judges will notice and they definitely won’t win the challenge.

And that’s a concern for the couple who have their hearts set on House 4, especially since it’s the house everyone wants.

“It has a big deck that wraps around to the east side so you get the sunrise in the morning,” Dylan says of House 4’s features.

Block 2022
This is the house everyone wants to renovate. (Nine)

Joel and Elle love it because the back of the house has a direct view of Mount Macedon.

And Sarah-Jane is also a fan of House 4, so winning the House Decider challenge has never been more important.

To find out who gets first pick of the houses, we’ll have to wait until the rooms are judged in episode 2. But it’s not just things that rock The block with a couple poised to walk off the show entirely for the first time in history.

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