The best refillable cleaners 2022


If you’re looking to reduce plastic waste, there’s an easy place to start right away – your cleaning products.

While cleaning chores are a necessary evil for keeping your home clean and tidy, the garbage they produce doesn’t have to be.

Invest in the right refillable products and you’ll soon be saving tons of waste in landfills, making the planet a much cleaner place.

Just a few years ago, you would have had real trouble finding refills with only a handful of companies offering the eco-friendly alternative.

But as plastic waste occupies the forefront of the news agenda and we all look for ways to turn the tide against the trash littering the planet, more and more companies are bringing refillable cleaning products to market, echoing the switching to rechargeables in other areas such as beauty, makeup and food.

From formulas that will make your windows and glass shine to multi-surface cleaners from leading fragrance brands, our mission is to bring together the best cleaning products you can restock.

See our favorites below

Bower Sparkling Clean House Package


Give your home cleaning kit a complete overhaul with the help of Bower Collective, a brand that specializes in this area. The package means you’ll save more than buying each product individually and there’s enough here to clean your home from top to bottom: hand wash, detergent, bathroom cleaner, and an all-purpose spray scented with hints of fresh grapefruit.

All formulas, made with 100% naturally sourced ingredients, are packaged in a refillable dispenser and this set includes forever dispensers and spray bottles.

A portion of this purchase will go to the Marine Conservation Society to help protect endangered seagrass, so you’re helping the planet in more ways than just reducing the plastic waste habit.

Duo spruce starter kit


Start your journey with Spruce and you’ll never go back to standard cleaning products. This starter kit is ideal for beginners, with two aluminum spray bottles included alongside non-toxic all-purpose sachets and toilet cleaner.

Just add water and you can start scrubbing away dirt and grime. Both will leave behind nothing but a soft scent of geranium or eucalyptus. Vegan and cruelty-free, sign up for a sachet subscription and say hello to a new dawn in clean cleaning.

Smol starter pack


Home cleaning just got a lot more eco-friendly thanks to Smol, a company that believes eco-cleaning shouldn’t leave you broke.

The starter pack is a brilliant purchase for anyone curious to try it out, containing (take a deep breath): 9 x Organic Laundry Capsules, 9 Non-Organic Laundry Capsules, 9 x Dishwashing Tablets, 1 x Fabric Conditioner, 3 x Surface Spray Bottles, 1 x Mixed Surface Spray Refill Pack – not bad for £25.

Smol also offers free trials of certain cleaning products; all it asks is that you pay a pound for the post.

Wilton London Eco Multi Surface Cleaner Eucalyptus 725ml

Wilton London

With the invigorating and refreshing scent of eucalyptus, you can find this refillable bottle of multi-surface cleaner even when your surfaces are shining. The fragrance is just a bonus; Cleanliness is where this eco-friendly formula really shines.

Chemicals with names few can pronounce on the first try have been swapped in favor of naturally sourced counterparts and the essential oils included not only impart a wonderful aroma but are also full of germ-fighting properties. A resounding victory in the fight against dirt.

Eco Family Co household cleaning tablets

Eco Family Company

The kitchen is probably the only room in the house where you need to bring the big cleaning guns. With stubborn grease, spatter and stains, it takes a tough action formula to restore it back to new. This box of mixed pills from Eco Family Co. contains 10 formulas to see in every part of the house, including kitchens.

The concentrated pills arrive in a flat, mailbox-friendly box and only need 500ml of water added to get them ready to do their job. The non-toxic blends are kind to the home and the planet, and past buyers have praised the clean scents: “After a week of use, they’re doing a great job cleaning it and most importantly, at the end you’re with a beautiful fragrance filling your home.

“I highly recommend this product, not only will you help the environment, but it will also save you some money by keeping your home clean and fresh.”

Includes mixes for 3 x all-purpose, 2 x bathroom cleaner, 2 x floor cleaner, 2 x kitchen cleaner, 1 x window cleaner and glass cleaner.

Antibacterial Spray Refill Method, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Peach Blossom, 2L


Already a fan of the ecological cleaning brand Method? Welcome to the club.

The company has amassed a loyal following for its vegan dirt-fighting formulas with lovely scents packaged in reusable bottles made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Pour this formula into your existing spray bottle or simply attach a spray trigger to the top and use straight from the refill – although, admittedly, this can be quite bulky to carry around.

In addition to the all-purpose cleaner, refills are available in various categories, from hard floors to glass and more.

Ecover Detergent – Lemon & Aloe 5Ltr


Ecover is one of the leading lights in the eco-cleaning game. Among their offerings are 5L bulk tanks of refills for everything from detergent to floor cleaner to fabric softener, allowing you to fill your spray bottles and dispensers when they start to dry.

This dishwashing detergent, scented with lemon and nourishing aloe vera, will leave your dishes and glasses squeaky clean. A little goes a long way, even in stubborn grease, so the 5L tank will last a while.

Diptyque La Droguerie Multi-Surface Cleanser 500ml


Best known for its cult fragrance collection, Diptyque’s move to home cleaning might come as a surprise, but it’s also a welcome one. The packaging of this multi-surface cleanser spray is as pretty as its perfumes, so you’ll have no problem keeping it casually on display instead of tucked away in a utility closet. If a shelf of cleaning products isn’t already a thing – it’s about to be.

When the formula runs out, grab a refill pouch, £22, to keep it going.

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