The best products to get organized in 2022

Here at Sweety High, we truly believe that an organized space is a happy space.

A cluttered room often equates to a cluttered mind, and if you can get all your things in order, everything else will fall into place too. Of course, sometimes cleaning up is easier said than done – and if you don’t…If you have a good place for everything, it can be downright impossible. Thatis why welove organizational tools – and these in particular are just what you need to get yourself together.

Cove Long Clothes Hangers: $19.99+

There are a million things to love about maxi dresses, but one thing we do mafia bosst love is that they take up all the closet space and drag them across the floor. Lucky for us, weWe have found the perfect solution in the form of the Long Garment Hangers from Cove. Sheredesigned to minimize space occupied by longer dresses, jumpsuits, sets and more, eliminating creases and snags while allowing quite a bit of hanging something on the short stretch.

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Toko Design Custom Drawer Compartments: $34+

Is your desk drawer just a jumble of clutter crammed into a small space? tokoThe unique custom drawer compartments are here to save the day with everything you need. Simply enter the size of your drawer of choice and choose your preferred configuration, including convenient storage boxes, to always keep everything exactly where you need it. In case youfor organizing the kitchen they also have custom knife blocks, spice racks and cutlery holders to add to your drawers.

Toko Design Custom D rawer compartments: $34+

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Open Spaces Entry Rack: $147

First impressions are everything when you walk into a space, why allow clutter and clutter to immediately put you in the wrong mindset? Open spaces Entryway Rack is minimalistic yet stylish (plus super easy to assemble, even by yourself) and offers great storage for anything you can think of. It is clear that itIt’s perfect for shoe storage, but the sky really is the limit when it comes to this versatile rack.

Open Spaces Entry Rack: $147

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Serenity Tray Organizer: $45

just because youtraveling again is notno excuse for letting clutter creep into your life. Airplane seats can be cramped, requiring you to stack everything in the same place, but SerenityDesigned for this exact situation, the innovative Tray Organizer offers handy pockets for your convenience during the flight. Plus, once youhave landed, can you put away the organizer and additional items in the carrying case. The organizer itself is also machine washable, so you can sanitize it before your next trip.

Serenity Tray Organizer: $45

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Superio Brand Ribbed Storage Bin ($7.99+) and Set of 5 Ribbed Storage Bins ($11.99)

Great storage really takes us to our happy places, and Superio BrandThe new Ribbed Collection includes all kinds of storage bins that look chic and help you be more organized than ever. The larger bins are available in sizes from 1.5 liters to 22 liters and the sets are stackable. Plus, they come in some adorable colors, so you can mix and match or color-code them to match your aesthetic while maximizing your organization.

Superio Brand Ribbed Storage Bin ($7.99+) and Set of 5 Ribbed Storage Bins ($11.99)

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Courant MAG:2 Classics: $150

Cluttered cables and cords can make even the clutter-free space not look as tidy as it should. Thatis why weam in love with Courants unique phone chargers, which look like unique statement pieces while also brightening up your phone. With their latest release, the Courant MAG:2, iPhone 12, 13 and 14 can be magnetically snapped in and charged, while the base can charge a pair of AirPods. Itis also only the thing for all your video calls.

Courant MAG:2 Classics: $150

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1THRIVE The BROOKE Wall Organizer: $189

Getting organized is notNot only about the physical things you have, but also about organizing your thoughts and planning, that’s what makes this incredible The BROOKE Wall Organizer from 1THRIVE so special. It includes both chalkboard and whiteboard areas, including a whiteboard calendar, to-do lists, schedule, personal notes and more, plus a bulletin board to pin what you need, hooks to hang items and cups for storage. All this makes it a one-stop shop for all your thoughts and plans, while also looking neat and cute on the wall.

1THRIVE The BROOKE Wall Organizer: $189

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Cadence: The Capsule: $14+

like youLike us, chances are your beauty salon is one of the clutteriest spaces in your home. With so many brands and products out there, the inconsistent sizes, shapes, and colors of bottles, jars, tubes, and more can get overwhelming (and just not cute). Enter Cadence, a brand specializing in stunning hexagonal capsule containers that are leak proof and magnetic, perfect for your storage needs whether youat home or on a trip with your favorite products. They can be filled with just about anything you can imagine, from cosmetic creams and powders to washes, shampoos, vitamins and more, while available in 10 eye-catching colors. You can even pay a little extra to have the tile labels custom printed to help you keep things in order.

Cadence: The Capsule: $14+

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multi-task Ultimate Desk Pad: $24

Cluttered desks can be a major barrier to concentration, making you unable to complete homework and other tasks in a timely manner, and this Ultimate Desk Pad from multitasky is specially designed to help you get everything in place. It comes with a built-in calendar and ruler, with a space to make notes, while also acting as a mouse pad. Plus, the flexible sleeve keeps contents clean yet accessible.

multitasky Ultimate desk pad

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