The best Platinum Jubilee merchandise – and where to buy it

On the occasion of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, there is a lot of merchandise you can buy…

The Queens Platinum Anniversary is undoubtedly a time of joy and celebration.

But fans of the royal family also know that this year’s celebration of Her Majesty’s 70th reign is a historic event.

That’s why it makes a lot of sense to buy a piece of Platinum Jubilee merchandise – be it a decorative cookie jar or a beautiful piece of commemorative porcelain.

It can be a memento, or something that is passed down from generation to generation, such as a coin. Or something fun, or even edible, on the occasion of the four-day party weekend.

There are plenty of Platinum Jubilee themed items to choose from including mugs, coins, china, dish towels, prints, corgi themed decorations and even a (sold out) Barbie doll from The Queen.

Here we round up some of the best Platinum Jubilee merchandise you can still buy and where to buy.

The Royal Mint’s Platinum Jubilee £5 coin

The Royal Mint . £5 commemorative coin

The £5 commemorative coin (Photo: Royal Mint)

Coin collectors will want to buy this uncirculated £5 silver coin dedicated to the anniversary. It has a picture of the queen on horseback, as she is an avid horseman.

Currently the product is ‘pending stock’ – meaning more should be available to buy soon. It’s not completely sold out.

Price: £10
Where to buy:
The Royal Mint

Platinum Jubilee cookie jar

Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Cookie Jar

Shortbread and a memorial cookie. Delicious (Photo: Royal Collection Shop)

Butter cookies made in the Scottish Highlands? We are already sold.

The cookies come in a purple-gold cookie jar, with the official royal decal, that you can use as a keepsake box or continue to reuse as a cookie jar. Ideal.

Price: £15
Where to buy:
The Royal Collection Shop

Platinum Jubilee corgi decoration

Corgi Decoration for Platinum Jubilee

That’s what your anniversary party is missing… a corgi! (Photo: Royal Collection Shop)

If you don’t already know: The Queen loves corgis and has had many of these adorable pups all her life.

What better way to commemorate her 70th birthday than with a smiling corgi decoration made of fabric, stitched with gold thread and ready to hang at home?

Price: £25
Where to buy: The Royal Collection Shop

Platinum Jubilee Radley Tote Bag

This Radley bag is a special edition for the Jubilee

This Radley bag is a special anniversary edition (Photo: Royal Collection Shop)

If you’re willing to spend more than a few bucks and love collecting handbags, the special edition Jubilee Radley is a must-buy.

It is a shocking blue color, with red, white and blue striped handles representing the Union Jack flag. The design of the bag shows the Radley dog, a sketch of Buckingham Palace and two beefeaters standing by the gates.

There’s also a smaller, comparable bag if you’d rather spend less.

Price: £289
Where to buy:
The Royal Collection Shop

Exclusive Platinum Anniversary Plate from Goviers

China plate commemorating Queen's Platinum Jubilee, from Goviers

A porcelain commemorative plate is not easy to find, as many are sold out… but this one is still available (Photo: Getty)

If you are still looking for a commemorative plate, you should try Goviers, which still has an assortment for sale.

Exclusive to Goviers, this one features a delicate and traditional pattern by Royal Commemorative designer Caroline Dadd, in muted colors and with a large E II R logo in the center.

Price: £60
Where to buy:

Platinum Jubilee Souvenir Spoons

Commemorative Spoons for Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Not for the microwave. Or wash up. Mostly to admire (Photo: Royal Collection Shop)

This four piece set of souvenir spoons is quite an interesting keepsake. Each spoon has a crown, orb, scepter or throne – all symbols of the monarchy and the queen.

Unfortunately, these spoons are not silver – they look more gold in color – although they are made of lead-free pewter.

Price: £35
Where to buy:
The Royal Collection Shop

Selfridges Anniversary Basket

Selfridges Basket for Platinum Jubilee

Do you have money to spare and a lot? A Queen themed Selfridges basket could be right up your street (Picture: Getty)

If you’ve got cash to spare and fancy an edible treat over the anniversary weekend, this Selfridges basket is worth checking out.

It includes Walker’s shortbread, Platinum Jubilee tea from Ahmad, salted caramel chocolate crowns from House of Dorchester, and more, along with commemorative tin cans for you to keep and a wicker basket.

Price: £80
Where to buy:

The Royal Mint’s Platinum Jubilee 50p coin

A Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen 50p coin

The Platinum Jubilee 50p coin (Photo: Ben Birchall/PA Wire)

Another one for coin collectors – this time a special 50 pence piece, conspicuous by the large ’70’ printed on one side.

Again, the coin is not in circulation and is ‘pending stock’ – so you should be able to get one soon.

Price: seven pounds
Where to buy: The Royal Mint

Cath Kidston sideboard

Cath Kidston Platinum Anniversary Plate

Another commemorative sign from the flower-friendly brand Cath Kidston (Photo: Cath Kidston)

This small side plate is a more affordable option for someone looking to purchase a commemorative anniversary plate.

Handmade in the pottery capital of Stoke-on-Trent, this pink-tinted plate features a portrait of Her Majesty in the center, surmounted by a ribbon that reads ‘The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee’.

Price: £12
Where to buy:
Cath Kidston

The Official Platinum Jubilee Program

Platinum Jubilee Official Program

The official program (Photo: Royal Collection Shop)

A simple memento of the jubilee year is the official program, which lists the many events in the Queen’s honor and describes some of her history.

The booklet also includes a written message from Her Majesty, as well as her heir Prince Charles.

Price: £10
Where to buy:
The Royal Collection Shop

Platinum Jubilee Teddy Bear

Platinum Jubilee Teddy Bear

The anniversary bear (Photo: Royal Collection Shop)

Little kids are sure to love this classic teddy bear, with brown tufts of fur and a bright purple bow, as well as ‘Platinum Jubilee’ and ‘2022’ sewn into his feet.

Toy collectors and those just wanting a fun keepsake may also want to buy the bear – which, surprisingly, hasn’t sold out yet.

Price: £19.95
Where to buy:
The Royal Collection Shop

Eleanor Bowmer’s Queen Elizabeth Print

Eleanor Bowmer Illustration from The Queen for the Platinum Jubilee

This portrait is one of many stylish illustrations of The Queen available (Photo: Eleanor Bowmer)

This jazzy and floral illustration of Queen Elizabeth II comes from the striking Manchester-based designer Eleanor Bowmer.

It is available in different sizes – from a standard A4 to a giant A1. Whatever you choose, if you love The Queen as much as you love poppy wall art, you’ll love this.

Price: £17 – £47 (depending on size)
Where to buy:
Eleanor Bowmer

Emma Bridgewater’s God Save The Queen mug

Emma Bridgewater God Save The Queen mug

A subtle nod to the anniversary (Photo: Emma Bridgewater)

This mug features a cream and red design, with jewel patterns around the rim, ‘God Save The Queen’ on one side and ‘Our Longest Serving Monarch’ on the other.

It’s a cool addition to any mug tree.

Price: £22
Where to buy:
Emma Bridgewater

Platinum Jubilee Emblem Collection tea towel

Emblem tea towel for Platinum Jubilee

The Emblem collection tea towel is a little different from other royal merchandise (Photo: Royal Collection Shop)

A tea towel feels like a classic royal memorabilia item to buy.

This one doesn’t have the queen’s face, but is modern and elegant with a swirling crown pattern in regal purple.

This design forms the basis of The Royal Collections’ entire Emblem range, which was conceived by Edward Roberts, a 19-year-old graphic design student from Nottingham.

Price: £8.95
Where to buy:
The Royal Collection Shop

Platinum Jubilee Machin Collection Silk Scarf

Platinum Jubilee Machin Silk Scarf

An iconic image of the queen on a silk scarf (Photo: Royal Collection Shop)

Perhaps an ideal buy for a mother, grandmother or a fan of classic fashion, this blue and pink square scarf interprets Arnold Machin’s iconic depiction of Queen Elizabeth II’s crown-bearing head.

These scarves are made in Italy and are 90cm by 90cm of 100% silk twill.

Price: £150
Where to buy:
The Royal Collection Shop

Fortnum & Mason Platinum Jubilee Mug

Fortnum & mason Platinum Jubilee mug

Another mug option, made from porcelain (Photo: Fortnum & Mason)

This sleek, ornate bone china mug from Fortnum & Mason is a limited edition, made by Walpole.

On the outside, it features a number of symbols that represent the Queen’s passions and interests, including a crown, horses, and even her bridal bouquet flower, lily of the valley.

Price: £35
Where to buy:
Fortnum & Mason

Harrods Large Platinum Jubilee Bag

Harrods Large Platinum Jubilee Shopper Tote Bag

One of many Harrods Jubilee themed totes to choose from (Photo: Harrods)

Many a tourist visiting the British capital London will happily get away with a Harrods shopping bag.

They’re in luck, because Harrods offers some special tote bags for the Platinum Jubilee. One such option is a roomy cotton shopper in beige with a large ER and crown decal on either side.

Price: £35
Where to buy:

And unfortunately sold out… the Platinum Jubilee Barbie

Queen Elizabeth II Barbie doll

The Queen in Barbie form… is currently sold out (Picture: Mattel)

Yep, toy brand Mattel does indeed have a special barbie doll of the queen in honor of the platinum jubilee.

The doll had a younger-looking, gray-haired Elizabeth wearing a long white dress and blue sash, along with a bejeweled tiara, dangling earrings and a bold necklace.

Unfortunately, the doll sold out in under three seconds when it first went on sale on April 20. At the time, John Lewis listed the doll for £94.99, but Mattel’s site listed the original price at $75 (£60).

It is not yet known whether there will be more Barbie shares. But if so… just know it will sell out fast.

Learn more: Mattel

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