The best organizing tricks we’ve learned from TikTok

Just when we thought we knew all the organizing hacks we could ever know, TikTok proves us wrong. And we’re ready to start using all these simple methods to save space and stay organized.

You know that space above your closet shelves that always seems to get lost? There’s a hack to use that space super effectively. And if you’re looking for a neat way to store all those important family documents, there’s a trick for that too.

And even if you thought you were organized before, we bet you’ll see at least one trick hidden in TikTok that you could probably take advantage of – they really are game-changers.

Here are some of our favorite organization tricks we’ve seen on TikTok. (BRB as we run out to buy plastic bins, shoe racks, and magazine holders!)

How do you make a “closet” if you don’t have one?

If you want to create more storage space in your home, these adjustable shelves and shoe rack are sleek and simple. They would be especially great for kids as they can grow with them – and can be easily adjusted as they get older.

How do you use vertical space in your closet?

We all know that space above your hanging rods in your closet or above that top shelf that you don’t know exactly what to do with. This budget-friendly shoe compartment hack is definitely an effective way to make use of that space — and can be used for so many different things.

The most ingenious ways to use plastic containers

Have you ever thought of using a plastic bin as a waste bag dispenser? Or maybe to organize your craft supplies? Well, these TikTokers make the most of plastic bins — and we love them! This is the perfect combination of neat and incredibly functional.

Creatively store trash bags to save space

While we love the garbage bag tip above, if you prefer to hide the garbage bags altogether, rather than stashing extras in a closet or under the sink, you can keep them in the bottom of your trash can so you can see exactly. when you’re running low, while also saving tons of extra space. So smart!

How to neatly fold your T-shirts

We can’t tell you how often we open our closets to a pile of disorganized t-shirts. Not only are they messy, but it’s hard to see them all, so you never know what you’ve got. This hack shows you how to easily fold your T-shirts so they are organized and you can see them all. We MUST try this ASAP.

How to create more fridge space

We’ve never seen a smarter space saver than this yogurt storage trick. Not only does it use that empty space right under your shelves, but you can save shelf space for other things instead. It’s a win, win!

7 different ways to organize with magazine holders

We are amazed at all the different things you can do with a magazine holder when it comes to organization. From housing your electronics to storing your wine bottles, stocking up on these dollar store magazine holders seems like a good idea.

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