The best mirrors of 2022


It’s no secret that a mirror can totally transform a place. They make spaces appear larger by emphasizing natural light and reflecting it in every corner of the room. Plus, wall accessories are a great way to add depth and personal style to a home.

All that said, we’ve scoured the internet to find the best standing mirrors, wall mirrors, decorative mirrors and accent mirrors ready to complement any aesthetic. Our list ranges from budget-friendly under $100 choices that don’t compromise on quality to unique, splurge-worthy pieces that you’ll want to look at from every angle. Read on, we bet you’ll start hanging one soon!

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best full length mirror

Martinsen black full-length mirror

You can’t go wrong with a Wayfair full-length mirror. It has a timeless, minimalist frame that matches any decor, it’s made from high-quality shatterproof glass, and it’s priced right – it’s a fraction of other mirrors this size from most brands. Thanks to its generous height and width, we consider it an ideal dressing mirror, perfect for your bedroom or closet.

Specifications: 65″H x 22″W


best door mirror

Full length mirror over door

Door mirrors are the most affordable, but their cheap construction often leads to warped glass and distorted reflections after just a few months of use. But our Amazon pick costs a little more than others, but it’s made to withstand years of opening and closing doors without needing to be replaced, courtesy of its durable frame and high-end glass.

Specifications: 51″H x 14.5″W


Amazon’s best mirror

Hanging Mirror Oval Modern Rivet

Rivet – Amazon’s in-house line of mid-century home furniture – makes a great collection of practical silhouettes. Here’s one that might be a little too thin to use as an everyday dressing mirror, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in style. The golden frame and the oblong oval shape make it an excellent decorative piece. It’s also a simple way to liven up empty vertical wall space without breaking the bank.

Specifications: 39″H x 8.75″W


Best Large Declaration Mirror

primrose mirror

In case you haven’t already, we present the internet’s favorite mirror: Anthropologie’s Primrose mirror. It captures all the gilded glory of an antique mirror or family heirloom, minus digging a thrift store or cleaning out the basement. The standard mirror comes in four sizes – 3′, 5′ (the size shown here), 6′ or 7′ – and is available in a medicine cabinet version and a vintage-inspired triptych.

Specifications: 60″H x 50″W


best round mirror

Round wall mirror with rubber frame

Umbra makes some of Amazon’s top-rated mirrors. Case in point: This one has a near-perfect rating of 4.7 stars out of nearly 5,000 customer reviews. The Umbra Round Mirror with Rubber Frame is a best seller thanks to its minimalist style and reasonable price. We cannot think of a single space in your home where the mirror wouldn’t do look great.

Specifications: 37″ round


best standing mirror

Oval Wooden Hub Mirror

If you’re looking for a standing mirror, AllModern has our aim. The stand itself can double as functional storage – think of it as a mirror ladder and blanket in one!

Specifications: 62”H x 17”W


best economic mirror

Rectangular wall mirror with pointed trim

Mirrors tend to cost a lot more than you might think. For those in need of a quick fix, head over to Amazon Basics and grab a decent-sized mirror for under $50. Our next rec features a pointed finish, which adds extra visual interest.

Specifications: 20″H x 16″W


best arched mirror

Elegant Greta arch top wall mirror

The Greta Arched Wall Mirror is another great option. Like the Martinsen full-length mirror featured above, it comes with a floor stand and a wall stand so you can display it however you like. It’s quite large on its own (plus arch-style mirrors are known to draw attention upwards and create the illusion of higher ceilings), so get ready to really open things up.

Specifications: 65″H x 22″W


best LED mirror

Full length dressing mirror with LED lighting

Get ready for the best dressing mirror. Whether you’re taking #OOTD selfies in the morning, noon, and night, or simply want to have perfect lighting every time you look in the mirror, an LED mirror might be the way to go. In addition to an extra level of flattery, it casts a soft glow of light around your room and can replace a lamp if you have limited space.

Specifications: 65″H x 22″W


Best Modern Mirror

Mid-century asymmetrical wooden framed mirror

Deep wood tones, asymmetry – the West Elm mirror has all the hallmarks of mid-century modern design in one piece. Hang it vertically as shown here, horizontally over your sofa, or risk it and place it at an angle in a hallway or dining room.

Specifications: 66″H x 28.5″W


best boho mirror

jute oval mirror

Jungalow’s oval mirror will complement any boho-inspired space or even a more minimalist vibe (think whites and neutrals) that needs a small dimension. Even better if you already have a jute rug to go with it. The mirror features an oval two-band braid, an intricate flat weave between each band, and a raw fringe edge that really makes it pop off the wall.

Specifications: 37″H x 30″W


best single mirror

piercing needle mirror

One of our current obsessions is Etsy PodaAtelier’s pierced needle creations, especially the tufted mirrors. These are definitely statement pieces, but if you like to experiment with bold colors and patterns, or love having a unique decor that’s different from everyone else, we can’t think of a more exciting purchase to incorporate into your space.

Specifications: 17″H × 12.6″W


Best Designer Mirror

Harlequin Mirror Harlequin

Jonathan Adler’s gleaming mirror is a work of art in its own right. The star of the show are the mesmerizing glass panels, which are painted on the back for maximum reflectivity, feature bold blue tones and are embedded between a double-banded brass frame. We found this mirror suitable for an entryway, dining room or any space where you want to add a little glam.

Specifications: 36″ round


best elegant mirror

curved wall mirror

If you like the latest design trends, you already know that curvy mirrors are all the rage. The style will play well with minimalist and maximal decor, adding a contemporary feel to the space. And it will stand out among your other mirrors because it has no frame!

Specifications: varies, $75 option is small accent mirror: 15″H x 9″W

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