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The best latex mattresses, according to the sleep technician


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Back, side, and stomach sleepers all can relate to joint pain, back pain, back sweats, and shoulder irritation. Although temporary, these little annoyances can quickly turn your stellar slumber into a night of flops. Definitely, Back pain pillows And Lumbar support pillows They can help you, but if you’re experiencing constant aches and pains, you’ll likely find yourself pointing your fingers at your mattress – maybe a latex mattress (we’ll get into more of that in a second) – which should be changed every 10 years and For every sleep expert.

In your quest for a new bed, many experts recommend latex mattresses for better sleep. “The top comfort layers are breathable and cooler” than traditional mattresses, and “the core of the mattress contains high-density natural latex,” he says. Susan Miller, RPSGTa sleep technician, which makes it a great choice no matter what type of sleep you have.

The best latex mattresses, at a glance:

  • Best Overall: Nolah Natural 11, $1,329
  • Best Budget: Brooklyn Bedding Ecosleep, $1,125
  • Best Value: Two-Sided Lower Natural Latex Mattress, $884
  • Best Luxury: Saatva Zenhaven Natural Latex Mattress, $2,716
  • Best for Back Pain: Plushbeds The Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress, $2,049
  • Best for Side Sleepers: EcoCloud Mattress, $1,700
  • Best for Couples: Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress, $1,049
  • Best Cooling: Amerisleep Organica, $1,299
  • Best Durability: Spindle latex The mattress is $1,600

What to look for in a latex mattress

There are a plethora of options on the market, so we asked a certified sleep technician to break down what to look for in a latex mattress. For starters, “many brands use synthetic latex, which is cheaper and not so environmentally friendly,” says Miller. Miller recommends choosing natural Talalay rubber over synthetics. It’s breathable, hypoallergenic, and provides a bouncy, supportive feel.

When it comes to the “no-go” of latex mattresses, you’ll want to think about ventilation. Because latex mattresses have an open-cell structure—which makes them more breathable—you can get away with mattresses with any marketed cooling capabilities. “All latex mattresses are cooler, so they don’t need any additional gel technology,” says Miller. “In fact, they score higher than any other bed in terms of cooling capabilities.” For back and stomach sleepers, Miller recommends choosing a slightly firmer latex mattress, while side sleepers should look for softer options.

To take the “back work” out of shopping, we spoke with a sleep technician to discover the best latex mattresses. Check out these nine options that will ease your back pain.

Nola latex mattress

Nolah, Natural 11 – $1,329.00

Originally $1,900, now $1,329

Affordable, fits most sleep styles, and made with Talalay natural latex—the Nolah’s Natural 11 mattress unsurprisingly ranks as Miller’s top overall pick. It’s made of perforated latex, making for a cooling and breathable mattress, and it has supportive coils that mold to your spine and relieve unwanted pressure. In addition to these specs, it’s also built with the environment in mind, thanks to organic cotton, organic wool, and recycled coils. Additional benefits include a lifetime warranty, free mattress shipping, and a 120-night trial, so you can test the waters without making a commitment.

Available sizes: Twin Split King

  • Breathing
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Made of environmentally friendly materials

brooklyn bedding ecosleep mattress

Brooklyn Bedding, Ecosleep – $1,125.00

Originally $1,500, now $1,125

Latex mattresses can cost dear dollars, but for features, the Ecosleep mattress from Brooklyn Bedding sells for a budget-friendly (for the mattress) price. The mattress is made of sustainably sourced latex and is enclosed in coils to take pressure off the lower back. The reversible mattress has two levels of firmness: medium or firm – ideal for back, side and stomach sleepers. This means that a good night’s sleep is within everyone’s reach. Overall, “it has a balance of features, quality, and price,” says Miller. You can’t beat that!

Available sizes: Twin California King Split

  • 120 night trial
  • binary packages
  • Reasonably priced

Latex for lower mattresses

Lower Price Double-Sided Natural Latex Mattress – $884.00

Originally $1,384, now it’s $884

Get the most out of your paycheck with a reversible natural latex mattress. BREATHABLE, FOUR LAYERS OF LATEX, WOOL, COTTON, HIGH QUALITY ORGANIC MATERIALS – Your back will never want to wake up. What we like is the dual beams. All you have to do is turn the mattress over. Overall, it’s very well priced [mattress] Amazing quality,” says Miller.

Available sizes: Twin California King Split

  • Binary stability
  • Breathing
  • Receive a free return
  • Flipping requires two people

Get zenhaven ranked

Saatva, Zenhaven Natural Latex Mattress – $2,716.00

Originally $3,195, now $2,716

If you have dollar bills to spend, look no further than the Zenhaven Natural Latex Mattress from Saatva. Featuring five zones of natural latex, “it’s a plush mattress,” says Miller, that is buoyant and provides targeted compression toward your lower back. Sleeping sweaty? Not a big deal, since this mattress is made with breathable, temperature-regulating fabrics like fleece, organic cotton, and of course, latex. Plus, it’s treated with an antimicrobial treatment that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. Falling asleep on this mattress is like sleeping in heaven.

Available sizes: Twin California King

  • 365 day trial
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 5-Latex area

latex mattress plushbeds

Plushbeds, Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress – $2,049.00

Originally $3,300, now $2,049


If you suffer from back pain, consider the Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress. The mattress by Miller, has six layers of undeniable comfort. The trademark circular knit design and 100 percent Talalay elastic are used to enhance hip and shoulder pressure relief, making this ideal for side sleepers while absorbing unnecessary pressure. And the moisture-wicking cotton keeps you nice and cool all night long. What’s more, it’s free of chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, adhesives, dye, and fillers, so you can count on it won’t explode or expose you to harmful chemicals.

Available sizes: Twin California King Split

  • Made of Talalay latex
  • chemical free
  • Two levels of hardness

Picture of a bed and a plant

Winkbeds, Ecocloud – $1,700.00

Originally $2,000, now $1,700

Latex mattresses strike the perfect balance for side sleepers, and this mattress provides “the right firmness for layering comfort,” says Miller. The mattress features four layers of innerspring, Talalay latex, organic cotton, and an anti-sag layer to support the mattress in all the right areas for your back. Bonus: the latex is OEKO-TEX100 certified, which means the mattress has been tested and is free of harmful chemicals and substances. In addition, it is safe for children and hypoallergenic.

Available sizes: Twin California King

  • OEKO-TEX100 Certification
  • Perfect for side sleepers
  • Breathing
  • The 120-day trial is only available once

Ecoterra mattress

Eco Terra, Hybrid Latex Mattress – $1,049.00

Originally $1,400, now $1,049

Calling All Couples: Rest easy with the Eco Terra latex mattress. “They come with a double firm,” says Miller, which is perfect for couples who don’t like mattresses that are too firm or too soft. Each Goldilocks-esque mattress is made with certified organic latex, fabric-wrapped coil, and organic cotton—which is breathable and buttery soft. In addition, it is free from harmful mixtures, dyes, and chemicals.

Available sizes: Twin California King

  • chemical free
  • Double stability
  • don’t dangle

Organic bedding

Amerisleep, Organica – $1,299.00

Originally $1,749, now $1,299

sweaty? soaked sheets? Look no further than Organica at Amerisleep. Combining 100 percent natural latex Talalay with pocketed coils, this breathable mattress keeps sweat and heat out, so you can sleep comfortably at night. The mattress layers feature moisture-wicking fleece that prevents mold and mildew build-up. If you are not satisfied, you can return it on a 100-day trial period and enjoy a 20-year warranty for any defects. Hot nights are no matches for Organica.

Available sizes: Twin Split King

  • Breathing
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 100 days to try

Latex spindle mattress

Spindle, organic latex mattress – $1,600.00

Originally $2,300, now $1,600

This latex mattress from Spindle is made with Certified Global Organic Latex (GOLS), which is durable, free of nasty chemicals, and firm to the core, making it a great choice for back sleepers. With such high quality specifications, this mattress will last in your bedroom for years to come. What’s more, enjoy free shipping.

Available sizes: Twin King

  • chemical free
  • solid
  • 365 day trial
  • May be too assertive for some
  • Available only to the king

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