The best garden furniture trends for 2022 according to experts

When it comes to making your backyard your dream destination, the possibilities to create something beautiful and unique for your home are endless! Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what the best outdoor furniture is, with so many trends out there, from the best rocking chairs for lounging in or durable outdoor rugs that are made to last. So to make your shopping spree easier, we spoke to Wayfair in-house designers and experts to help identify the key emerging outdoor trends! From laid-back coastal to cabana-striped everything, these trends incorporate classic design elements in a way that feels fresh and inspired.

Rebecca Breslin, Senior Design Manager of Wayfair Professional, says: “If you’re planning your outdoor space for the warmer months, start with pieces that define the area you’ll be using – think mosaic floor tiles, a pergola, or outdoor carpets. For continuity of your home, carry the design aesthetic from the interior to your outdoor space.”

5 tips for organizing your outdoor space

1. Look for grounding and space-defining pieces.

“If your outdoor space is larger, plan to break up the space with a few of these moments — a rug under a dining table, tiles for your lounge area, and more.”

2. Continue your aesthetic indoors outwards.

“Are you going for modern, rustic, rustic or traditional? It’s easy to find outdoor styles that match your overall aesthetic and help keep the outdoors connected to the rest of the home.”

3. Maximize end-use space.

“If you’re working with limited space, such as a small patio or balcony, think about what you’re likely going to use the space for. Do you want a soft spot in the sun, a small dining table to entertain friends, or just a garden bed? Plan your space around your outdoor activity to get the most out of the space.

4. Sustainability is key.

Outdoor furniture will withstand the spring and summer (and maybe fall) elements. If your space isn’t covered, keep in mind that the sun and rain will have an impact on what you buy. Consider weatherproofing materials in key areas. places like Sunbrella cushions for your outdoor set or Polywood for Adirondack chairs.

5. Increase the space.

“Look for a few elevated items you really love to bring newness and excitement to your design, from tiles to sconces, dining sets and more.”

Here’s everything you need to know about buying outdoor furniture for 2022.

Mesh moments

way fair

      The latest product of the ’70s revival, mesh accents are back with a twist. Metal cutouts and finely woven rattan add texture to clean silhouettes, giving this retro design element a modern feel,” said Brynna Lee, Wayfair’s Professional Stylist. Lee suggests looking for furniture with perforated patterns, muted colours, rope and rattan, open weaves and sculptural silhouettes.

      Inspired Botanical Products

      botanical furniture

      way fair

      Lee shares: “Floral motifs remain relevant in outdoor design. This time we see a more stylized approach: a vibrant and striking tribute to nature.” Go playful with vibrant colors, floral textiles, chairs with unique accents and painted ceramics to bring this fun trend to your backyard.

      Coastal Minimalism

      garden furniture trends 2022

      way fair

      For Wayfair’s professional stylist, Hayley Drew, the best way to achieve this airy style is by opting for wicker furniture, brightening neutral color schemes with a touch of green, and looking for light woods. “This year we welcome a more elevated take on classic coastal style. Organic materials are combined with crisp whites and calm tones of sea glass for an effortless, ocean-inspired look.”

      A trip to Sonoma

      garden furniture trends 2022

      way fair

      “From flower-draped pergolas to rustic mosaic tiles, this relaxed yet sophisticated look lends the best that wine country has to offer,” continues Drew. This trend is every host’s dream come true, with elongated dining tables, pergolas, mosaic tiles and warm-toned woods mixed with wrought iron accents. Your backyard will feel like a California weekend well spent!

      Cabana Stripes

      striped lounge chair for the pool

      way fair

      If your outdoor décor is all about your awesome pool, this style will feature bold colors, pool loungers (approved for performance), and oversized umbrellas. “The timeless summer item is making a bold comeback. From classic navy blues to sunny yellows, cabana stripes brighten up furniture, curtains, tiles and more,” explains Cojo Barnes, Wayfair’s Professional Stylist.

      west coast casual

      garden furniture trends 2022

      way fair

      If you’re looking for an outdoor space with an accessible, relaxed, yet design-forward feel, this trend is a California dream. “Layers of muted tones, textures and distressed fabrics speak to this California-inspired look. Combine organic materials like washed oak and stone with low-profile silhouettes for a stripped-down, effortless setup,” says Lee.

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