The best fall decoration 2021

The most enduring Halloween decor, if you ask me (and no one has), is a mixture of classic, kitschy H-Ween madness and all the sincere trappings of a budding/baby occultist. Pagan. Think the Home Depot Skeleton, flanked by handcrafted Gothic creations, slimy lamps, garlands of pumpkins and dried plants that could have come from the Interview with the Vampire Position. It’s a little tacky, quite classy, ​​and your friends will wonder if you’re *actually* using that crystal ball. Keep them on their toes.

To be clear, I’m not talking about how to decorate your house for a Halloween party. Fall is upon us, and it’s the best time for seasonal decorating, so it’s the obligatory makeover scene where your home goes from IKEA-meets-CB2-normie to home on Haunted Hill. Vincent Price has now entered the chat, dishwasher-safe salmon recipe, ready to beef up your home in ghoulish vibes for the next few months. Yes, months. Spook Sâisøn lasts from now until November 30 (fight me), so you’ll need decorations that go the distance. And who doesn’t want to fall in love with a giant Beetlejuice sandworm every morning?

The trick to getting fall decor that won’t feel dated is to replace some of your existing decor — lighting, fruit/candy bowls, flower arrangements — with classic ghost town crap. I recommend picking pampas branches on the highways and looking for spooky ookie tree branches and leaves in Central Park. Sprinkle them among Skymall-worthy gothic carvings and quality pumpkin spice scents; find the best candles and 90s slasher movie decor. Adopt a vague vampire accent and you’re set.

Strap on your capes, inflate the fog machine and fly away.

Get your fall foliage

Unless you remember to ask for flower food or buy copious flowers, keeping flower bouquets alive is low stress. Fortunately, fall foliage is for the hot, lazy people with good taste, as evidenced by the abundance of wreaths and low-maintenance, high-style dried flowers that abound during the season. Get some Spanish moss and hang it in your mirror while you mold your vampire fangs; use pampas branches as an affordable and dramatic way to fill your living room.

$75 at The threshold

$10.99 at Amazon

$79 at Food52

$24.99 at Amazon

Amber is the color

Your life is now lived between the shadows of spooky, spooky candles and lamps. Make sure they all look like they were sculpted by unhinged surrealists, baby goblins, or people who cracked in the face of death.

$55 at western elm

$16 at Are aware

$28 at Kathleen Shop

$49.99 at Amazon

$175 at Coming

$20 at Amazon

The category is “Retro Halloween”

Choosing a favorite era for H-Ween decor is like choosing a favorite child or a hot sauce. Difficult (but not impossible), and subject to change. This year, we are looking at collectibles from the end of the 20th century, from the French language Halloween posters at a custom Scream Lamp to put near the TV during movie nights. You really don’t need much man! Even some classic pumpkin garlands will do all the atmospheric work.

$42.95 at Etsy

$270.93$214.17 at 1stDibs

$270.93$214.17 at 1stDibs

$39.99 at Global cost-plus market

$39.99 at Global cost-plus market

$12.98 at Amazon

Because Home Depot Skeleton needs a bud

Does the Home Depot Skeleton (now selling on eBay for $$$) still have a gorilla grip on our wet dreams? Well :

But Design Toscano’s novelty sculptures are the fucking plan for spooky season. As one of the last truly weird purveyors of things on the web (please see: The Skeleton Throne and the Cursed Giant Crab Chair), we’ll always turn to them first for Halloween inspiration. But also: Peep sites like Wayfair and Cost Plus World Market for solid decor. Everyone needs a massive spider hanging from their fire escape.

$69.95 at Tuscan design

$15.99 at Amazon

$79.99 at Amazon

A solid candy box

Fruit? Pffffffffff. The next few months are all about candy bowls and apple cider donuts from Entenmann. Maybe apples, for posterity. Get a bowl that can do both.

$160.99 at eBay

$29.99 at Amazon

Good scare.

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