The best desk lamp for 2022

The products reviewed here are aimed at those who work from home or in the office and have been searching for the right desk lamp to help them focus more on their task.

Different types of desk lamps
There are different types of desk lamps on the market, ranging from stylish lamps with wireless charging to comfortable lamps with motion sensors for hands-free operation. Some of these desk lamps include:

tripod lamps
Tripod lamps are well known for their three-legged stand. The excellent elegant hardware gives it a unique and elegant look. The unique shape can also provide ample lighting and is perfect for living rooms or bedrooms that need additional lighting.

The main advantage of tripod lamps is that the pedestal is very stable and produces reliable illumination. These lamps are designed to illuminate the entire room, but the disadvantage of tripod lamps is that they take up quite a bit of space, since the three legs take up a lot of space.

This can make it difficult to place a tripod lamp in an already cluttered small house or apartment.

tree lamps
Tree lamps are one of the most popular types of lighting and they come in a variety of designs. The tree lamp is a definite focal point for the room, providing a series of branches that can be oriented in many directions.

Typically, this style of light has a central stand with multiple lights branching out from the base in different directions, similar to the branches of a tree. It’s a great option if you need directional or ambient lighting.

Generally, the branches will be adjustable or gooseneck, allowing you to direct the light in any direction you want. Many of them even give you the option to activate a single branch. These features make a tree lamp useful for almost any room in your home, as it is capable of lighting a large space or just a specific spot.

It all depends on how you place and use it. One of its possible disadvantages is that this light can be bulky or take up more space. Also, this style is not usually available in smaller table lamp sizes.

buffet lamps
These lights are typically skinny, tall, and over 32 inches tall. Often referred to as the taller version of table lamps, they are designed to be placed on a buffet table to direct light onto the table top and illuminate the food if you choose to use this type of lamp on your dining table. but they are also very perfect to light up your whole house.

You can also use this lamp in your office, where it won’t take up too much space on your already cramped desk. One of its limitations is that it only illuminates a small point in the room, so it may not be bright enough to illuminate other areas of the house.

So while it might be perfect for lighting up your buffet or some documents on your desk, it’s probably not the best choice for being the main light source in your living room.

gooseneck lamps
The gooseneck lamp is available in two designs: a flexible neck that can be adjusted to various degrees and a conventional bent fixed metal neck. You can find them in both table lamps and gooseneck floor lamps, which are very affordable and versatile.

The main advantage of this style of light is that the neck can be bent, allowing you to aim at the point of light. They are ideal for bedside tables or reading lights as they can receive enough light to read a book without waking up others in the room.

Ironically, this could also be the biggest drawback. Not the best choice as the main light source in a room, as it focuses all the light on a specific area.

piano lamps
Piano lamps are typically used to illuminate the music and organ keys of an electric piano or keyboard, but are designed in such a way as to prevent the glare from the bulb from blinding the musician.

These lights come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs to meet the specific needs of the pianist. However, they generally all have a slim design with horizontal bulbs and a cover that directs all of the light downwards.

Minimalist in design, piano lamps sometimes come with swivel arms to allow the musician to move the light around if needed.

Although originally intended for musicians, this style of lamp can also be very useful as a desk or reading lamp. Because the light from this lamp is minimal and directed at an object, it works well on a desk or to help you complete a specific task.

This is beneficial if you are using it for a specific purpose, such as reading a book or playing the piano, but if you want a lamp that can illuminate an entire room, then a different type of lamp will be more suitable.

Articulated arm lamps
Similar in design to the microphone stand you see in recording studios, the swing arm illuminator is a tall, straight fixture with an adjustable swivel arm.

Many of these lights will have a dome-shaped head that holds the bulb. With many useful features and sleek modern lines, this popular lamp brings a modern yet nostalgic look to your space. One of the main advantages of swing arm lights is their versatility, they can be maneuvered and the light can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally.

One of the main downsides to swing arm lights is that they can be shaky and a bit choppy, like some of the other styles mentioned above. If this is the style you are looking for, you should look for a model with a heavier or wider base that can provide more stability and prevent tipping.

This is especially important if there will be pets or small children around.

arc lamps
These lamps have a slim body and long, arched arms with a shade that extends out from the body. It is more suitable for corners where light can reach the table or sofa.

One of the advantages of this option is that it takes up very little space and, thanks to the arches, it provides functional work lighting, preserving the main elements of the room. You can find this style of lighting in all kinds of traditional and modern designs.

Although the decorative and unique shape serves as an accent, one of the downsides is that they are more prone to tipping over than standard lamps.

Due to its shape and weight placement, this type of lamp is not as durable as other similar lamps. It is recommended to place this item in a corner or space where it is less likely to tip over.

swing arm lamps
Swivel arm lamps come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be placed on a table or free standing on the floor. The swing arm lamp can be equipped with an adjustable functional arm. These levers can be adjusted and repositioned to suit specific requirements.

If you need a closer light to complete your project, you can wave your hand to shine it where you want. The best thing about this style is that it is very versatile, unlike other styles that are not adjustable. This allows directing more light than other types of lamps.

Because this light is focused, most of the time it only illuminates a small area, not the entire room. This may be ideal if you are looking for a table lamp, but a swing arm floor lamp may be too dim to bring much benefit to your home.

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