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Beach decoration buying guide for home

Modern gray living room with nautical decorations and decorative wall finishes.

Why buy beach decoration for your home?

While many people gravitate towards a more modern or country-style décor, these styles can come and go. But the simplicity and soothing colors of a beach theme don’t go out of style. You can add some natural elements to bring serenity to your space, or you can add nautical elements for a touch of coastal whimsy.

What do you think about beach decoration for the home?

  • Your Beach Theme: Why did you choose your beach theme? Do you like the sweet nostalgia of a nautical decor? Want to focus on natural items you find on the beach? Or are you creating a sophisticated spa retreat? Beach decor items generally fit into one, but not all of these categories, so it’s good to limit your theme to just one choice. That way, your space will look intentional and not too cluttered.
  • colors: Beach themed decor is generally available in soft sand tones and ocean blue/green. Striking a balance between softness and pops of color will bring your beach theme to life.
  • Natural elements: Some of the most popular pieces recommended by decorators in beach-themed decor include natural elements. Whether you like the look of shells, rocks, driftwood or coral, adding a touch of nature to your space can make it look beach chic without any work.

Can you redecorate your home in a beach theme on a budget?

One of the best things about a beach decor is that it can be budget-friendly. If you live near a beach or visit one often, you can collect shells, rocks, or driftwood to display. Off-white or sand-colored linens, pillowcases and furniture can be found all over the market at competitive prices and add softness to a space. A coat of soft blue or teal paint can also turn your space into a beach paradise while also saving you money. There are tons of DIY beach decoration tutorials available online for creating masterpieces from natural elements so you can save even more. However, if you don’t have time to make your decor, don’t worry. Many ready-made decor pieces are beautifully made yet budget-friendly.

Our picks for the best beach decor for your home

Best wall art

Advantages: This ship’s wheel is a budget-friendly decor piece that won’t disappoint. It has an easy-to-use wall mount for hanging and the soft colors are perfect for a nursery, bathroom or mantel. It makes a fantastic addition to a nautical themed bedroom, bathroom or living room.

cons: It’s smaller than some people would like.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a beachy wall decoration, try this cute ship wheel. It has built-in natural elements in the shell and hemp rope. And it’s an affordable choice too.

The best for the bathroom

Advantages: This matching set with a soap holder, a soap dispenser, a glass and a toothbrush holder is handy and cool. You can even put them in a kid’s bathroom as they are durable and hard to break. The pieces look like high quality glass, even though they are made of acrylic, and they are filled with small shells, blue beads and water.

cons: The soap dispenser pump does not work as well as some others.

Conclusion: If you’re looking to add some cute coastal touches to your toilet, these vanity pieces might be just what you’re looking for. You can order these in a four-piece or five-piece matching set. In addition, they are easy to keep clean.

The best for the kitchen

Advantages: This paper towel holder is a great balance between natural elements and practicality. It is beautifully made, with great attention to detail in the tortoiseshell made of mango wood and aluminum. Plus, it’s lightweight, so it’s still functional to move and use, and it’s felt on the bottom to protect your countertops from scratches.

cons: This paper towel holder is too small for jumbo rolls and the turtle shell could come off.

Conclusion: If you’re looking to add a touch of coastal whimsy to your kitchen, this turtle paper towel holder might be just what you’re hoping for. It is a great gift for your beach-loving friends.

The best for the bedroom

Advantages: This cute anchor lamp is a great option for bedrooms and living rooms. If you have trouble assembling household items, this will not cause you any problems. It is easy to assemble and it is nice and small and fits perfectly on a bedside table. The neutral colors look great in almost any room.

cons: There may be minor defects in the workmanship.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a cute lamp to match your beachy or nautical decor, look no further. This one is a great value and has soft colors that will suit almost any space.

The best for outdoors

Bellaa wind chimes

Add a pop of color, a relaxing sound and a great conversation piece to your patio with this beach glass stained glass wind chime.

Advantages: This wind chime is an excellent addition to a patio or porch. The sea glass bells are not too loud and have a pleasant sound, and they hang on a bamboo frame. The strands are individually packaged to prevent them from being damaged in transit. It’s a decent size too, so it’s noticeable without being “too much”.

cons: There may be minor variations in the finish.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for beautiful, beach-like wind chimes, check this one out. The frame is made of sturdy, lightweight bamboo, and the sea glass chimes sound and look beautiful.

Final Thoughts

Beach decor is a great way to bring natural and nautical elements into your home. These decor pieces will help you create a calm, vacation-like feel in almost any room.

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