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The 5 best drink organizers for your refrigerator [2023]


We’ve found the best drink organizers for your fridge so you can easily grab water, soda, juice, and wine!

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We all have our favorite drink of choice – some alcoholic, some fruity, some bubbly. However, the cardboard boxes that your favorite soda or sparkling water comes in can quickly make organizing your fridge a pain. In addition, they make it much more difficult to save space. After all, there’s only so much room in your fridge door!

That’s where buying a beverage organizer for your fridge can save the day. These kinds of organizers can help you learn how to organize your fridge with little hassle.

What to look for when buying a beverage organizer for your refrigerator

There are some important considerations to keep in mind when looking for great fridge or freezer organization ideas. You’ll want to consider:

  • Visibility. Look for clear or open containers so you can quickly see all the potions you have available. Plastic or glass are great materials for refrigerator organizers because they are easy to clean (and often dishwasher safe).
  • Measure: You need to make sure you have chosen the right storage solution for your fridge and drinks. Depending on what drinks you’re trying to organize, it might be best to opt for a stackable design or a wide container to fit everything in. We’ve selected drinks storage that fits everything from small cans to large wine bottles.
  • Accessibility: You want to choose a drink storage where you can quickly grab your drink. With the original packaging for soda or sparkling water, you are always digging into a cardboard box. An organizer keeps every option within reach.


Toh Ecomm Water Bottle and Cup Holder for Kitchen via Amazon.comthrough merchant


Best overall drink organizer

iDesign Water Bottle Fridge Storage Box

This water bottle fridge from iDesign combines value, function and size to suit everyone’s needs. Don’t be fooled by the name: thanks to its size, this fridge organizer for drinks fits more than just water bottles! Verified Amazon user, Victoria, describes how the containers are perfect for her water and energy drinks. The best thing about this organizer is how versatile it is. With a raised edge at the front, you don’t have to worry about spilling your drinks.


  • Great value and quality
  • Fits in almost any drink
  • Easy to combine with other cooling and freezing solutions


  • Wine or larger bottles will not fit

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Toh Ecomm Display Technologies Drink Organizer via Amazon.comthrough merchant

Best drink dispenser

Display Technologies Visi-Fast Drink Organizer

The Visi-Fast beverage organizer from Display Technologies is an excellent solution if you want a vending machine in your fridge. No more reaching to the back of your fridge to get your drinks! The great thing about the design of this drink organizer is its huge capacity for up to 80 cans or bottles. You can customize the organizer if you also need space for your other food storage solutions.

It holds drinks from 12 to 16 ounces and will hold most water bottles, tea, and beer. You can even store food such as yoghurt cups, canned fruit or soup containers.


  • The dispenser-like structure allows you to put several drinks on one shelf without knocking over others
  • Removable, so you don’t have to take up the entire shelf
  • Sturdy quality so you know your drinks won’t shift


  • On the bigger side
  • On the more expensive side of drink organizers

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