The 2022 Home Decor Color Trends To Try If You Don’t Like Sage Green

Sage green seems to be the color on the lips of every decor lover this year; it is the chosen shade of paint brands, and interior designers and influencers use it everywhere. It sure is beautiful; but if you’re not much of a fan (or it just doesn’t fit in your home), you may feel like you’re out of luck when it comes to decorating. However, that’s where you’re wrong – because while the soothing green shade may be popular right now, there are several other home color trends this year that are not only just as stunning, but also designer-approved.

Fortunately, there is also one for just about every preference. Whether you’re looking to add a hue to your space that’s equally serene, or you’re looking for a hue to brighten the mood, the experts say there’s a color trend for you. And, like sage green, these shades can be incorporated in many ways.

“Layout permitting, I love to incorporate color through paint,” explains Kathy Kuo, interior designer and CEO of Kathy Kuo Home, explaining how to use this season’s trends at home. “I think it’s a great way to make a statement and you can use core furniture pieces to ground the rest of the design.” Want something that feels less permanent? “Throw pillows, faux flowers, and even smaller furniture like ottomans are great options if you’re looking to decorate with color,” continues Kuo. “Alternatively, I could opt for a bolder pop on one of the main upholstery pieces, such as the sofa or a rug separately, as it can really create an atmosphere and a major focal point.”

Not only are there plenty of alternatives to sage green if it’s just not your thing, but it’s just as easy to add the most desired shades of 2022 to your space. So don’t settle for a tone you don’t like just because it’s everywhere; instead, scroll ahead for four worthy alternatives.

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For those who want a color with the soothing properties of sage green? Kuo says shades of blue are a solid alternative. “In general, blue is a great option for a calming space because it injects light and color, and if there is already an abundance of natural light in a room, blue will make a room shine,” she tells TZR in an e-mail. mail. “I particularly like powder blue, cornflower or robin because of their soft and clean finish.”

Not only can these shades make a room feel peaceful, she continues, but they also add layering. Plus, using blue is a great way to use sage green (if you’re still curious about the trend), but don’t make it the centerpiece of the room. “When I decorate with blue specifically, I like to mix green or yellow with other elements of the design,” explains Kuo. “Both blue and green and blue and yellow create a fresh and sophisticated tone. And depending on the specific shade you choose, it can also warm the room, adding to the soothing atmosphere.”

Teal & Orange

Want to get more playful with color trends this year? Kuo also recommends teal and orange as a “nice complementary combination.” According to the designer, “This combination is bold on its own, but can be made more trendy by using different materials such as wood and metal to make the overall design more dynamic.” Another tip she has for getting it done at home? “Selecting a darker teal shade can help ground accents of vibrant oranges, rather than trying to make two bright colors work together and potentially clash.”

Warm jewel tones

Anyone who likes bold will be happy to know that Lynne Tocchet, Director of Interior Design at Pacaso, says “the most impactful trend” this spring is the revival of color. “Warm jewel tones will be seen in rich hues, such as burnt orange couch cushions and bedding with deep blue and green accent patterns,” she says. “The translation of the world’s need for warmth and comfort will bring back a very cheerful color palette. White, white, white, is out, out, out!”


That said, those who prefer neutrals need not worry. Because according to Tocchet, another popular color this year is actually brown. “Our desire for warmth and comfort is driving this trend of mixing wood tones in all different shades of brown, creating a sense of calm,” she notes. “The layering of textures we saw last spring with white and natural textiles to create depth in a space takes a bigger leap forward with furniture.” She continues, antique pieces, unique suitcases and wooden furniture “with personality” are making a comeback. So, “don’t be afraid to mix warm woods and go back to the soothing tones of years past.”

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