The 15 Best Weed Attachments to Elevate Your Smoking Experience


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Marijuana is becoming more and more popular. With laws relaxing across the US, it’s no wonder cannabis is in huge demand. Once a hippie thing, smoking weed is now practiced by everyone from Snoop Dog to Martha Stewart. And there’s an array of stylish tools and accessories to match marijuana’s high status, elevating smoking to a luxurious experience. In fact, lighting up a joint is now on a par with smoking the best Cuban cigar.

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“Cannabis had been operating in the shadows for all these years, but this was something we believed could be a real opportunity for growth,” says Brett Heyman, creative director and founder of Edie Parker, the New York-based accessories line.

Heyman launched his brand over a decade ago with a commitment to acrylic clutches and decor items for the red carpet. More recently, she has expanded into high-end pot bowls and pipes, working with glassblowers and small-batch potters in different states. And she’s not the only one venturing into the wild and wonderful world of luxury weed accessories.

From stylish humidors to sculptural pipes, here’s a look at everything you need to de-stress in style.


Cigar connoisseurs understand the value of humidors, storage containers that regulate moisture levels, preventing the tobacco from getting too dry and flaky. The same principles extend to marijuana. So if you’re looking to keep your stock fresh, this real option from Case Elegance, with its patent-pending Hydro System, is a must-buy.

Buy it now at Huckberry: $200

This limited-edition bong, hand-blown by New York artist Paul Arnhold, is impressive enough to be displayed alongside the finest Murano glass collectibles.

Buy it now at Edie Parker: $795

Of course, you can opt for the standard organic hemp, but if you want something a little more luxurious – and if you need more fiber in your system – check out linen rolling papers, especially those from Z’s Life, the marijuana equivalent of their paper. of Smythson letter.

Buy it now on custom postage: $10

Whether you prefer a bong, pipe or rolling paper, for best results a weed grinder is the only accessory worth the investment. And if you’re looking for one with the Midas touch, Sackville & Co. has what you need.

Buy it now on custom postage: $80

Smoking accessories have become high-tech. If you don’t want to mess around with a bong or haven’t mastered the art of paper rolling, a vape is your safest bet. And the beauty of this one from Pax is that it doesn’t require oils or grinding. Just fill it with buttons and light it up.

Buy it now at Pax: $200

As any chef will tell you, setting up your mise en place is important. You’ve got your weed, grinder, lighter, and rolling paper, sure, but you also need to keep all your buttons in one contained space. Enter this trippy tray from the weed experts at Higher Standards.

Buy Now at Higher Standards: $60

Smoking weed may be relaxing, but vaping a vegetable may not be. Counter the aroma with a calming incense like this option with notes of lemon zest, coriander seeds, hay oil, beeswax absolute, lactic lactones, patchouli fraction, ambergris and Russian leather.


Buy Now at Neiman Marcus: $70

Of course, you’ll need a fancy receptacle to burn the aforementioned incense. We suggest this porcelain by Gucci, produced by the renowned Florentine ceramics brand Richard Ginori and inspired by archival fabric.

Buy it now at Gucci: $245

This imposing lighter by Houseplant, a brand known for its luxurious smoking accessories, is made of attractive green marble with an embossed logo leather base. So even if you don’t smoke regularly, it will still make a beautiful addition to your coffee table.

Buy it now on Ssense: $280

Roque Paq complete ritual gift set

For the presidential suite of smoking accessories, see this set by Roque Paq. From a pair of golden scissors to a snakeskin-wrapped lighter, it has everything you need wrapped in a leather or vegan leather case.

Buy it now at Roque Paq: $430

Jonathan Adler applied his funky, mid-mod chic aesthetic to various household objects, so it was inevitable that he would use storage bins. In fact, it has many styles on offer, but the one that tops our list is this rainbow-emblazoned option made from elegant china.

Buy Now at Neiman Marcus: $75

This pipe offers a sculptural form with plenty of function. It has been carefully designed to stand firmly on a flat surface and its borosilicate glass body does not conduct heat, ensuring an enjoyable smoking experience.

Buy it now at Tetra: $65

Lord Jones CBD Gummies

If smoking isn’t for you, try getting a dose of marijuana’s calming properties through these enchanting candies. Lord Jones Gummies are handcrafted in small batches with natural fruit flavors and contain 20 mg of hemp-derived CBD per gummy.

Buy it now at Lord Jones: $35

Hermès Garde-Robe Pop Ashtray

Hermès ashtrays are an accessory to many well-appointed coffee tables, though often repurposed as a more demure vide poche. In hand-painted Limoges porcelain, this can certainly be decorative, but why not use it for its intended purpose?

Buy it now at Hermes: $630

Tiffany & Co sterling silver first aid box

Discreetly hide your stash in style with this sassy first aid box, handcrafted in solid sterling silver with an enamel lining.

Buy it now at Tiffany & Co.: $615

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