The 10 hottest kitchen and bathroom trends that are taking the design world by storm in 2023


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At KBIS and IBS, new appliance and plumbing technologies that can make life easier and simply better went together with a range of exciting materials, fixtures and finishes that will push design into new aesthetic realms. I’ve seen plenty of great decorating tips and styling inspiration to steal, and I’m sharing all the highlights with you here so you know what to look for when you’re upgrading these hard-working spaces in your home.

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Designers have been combining different finishes for years; it’s not uncommon to see, say, a kitchen with a matte black faucet next to copper lighting, or copper pans over a stainless steel stove. The newest way to mix materials? Within a single fixture or piece. Wood accents were everywhere, from the interiors of stainless steel refrigerators at KitchenAid to the teak and metal handles of Brizo’s stunning The Frank Lloyd Wright Bath Collection (the bathroom faucets are shown above), which was inspired by the principles of the iconic designer of organic architecture.

The hardware on display at the show also featured plenty of wood and other material accents, especially with the relaunch of Keeler Brass Company’s collaboration with Monogram appliances, which boasts more than 34,000 unique combinations of bases, stems and handles in the solid brass-constructed range of American made. At Emtek, ceramics, terrazzo, wood and exotic stones had a big impact alongside various metal finishes.

Pinterest declared 2023 the year of the luxurious, spa-like shower, and I’m happy to report that the bathroom fixtures and fixture brands at KBIS were way ahead. Kohler, in particular, showcased their new wellness-focused brand, Sprig, which capitalizes directly on this trend by offering innovative aromatherapy shower infusion systems (with shower infusion pods) that are both retrofit and rental friendly. Sprig launched with six fragrance blends that extend to other bath products, including bath bombs and body/linen mists.

3. Induction is everywhere

Almost every major appliance company touted a new induction plate. Luxury Italian appliance house, Bertazzoni, led the category by expanding its already robust induction offering with the 36-inch induction downdraft cooktop, one of the industry’s first to not require a standalone hood (which ensures for highly flexible installation applications), and a 48-inch induction range available in all three ranges of the brand. Beyond the sleek aesthetics and energy-saving cooking power — the Downdraft model can heat up to 60 percent faster than regular hobs — the practical benefits of induction are generally real, too: a super-easy-to-clean hob that feels cool even when you turn off the heat. burners are on.

4. Money laundering outside of the laundry room

Ventless 2-in-1 washer dryers, like the GE Profile UltraFast Combo with Ventless Heat Pump Technology, launching in June, means the “laundry room” is no longer confined to the basement (or wherever your vents have been) Past). Doing laundry might feel less of a chore if you don’t have to move loads from machine to machine and you can place your laundry setup in a closet, say next to your bedrooms, or if you’re a smaller person. space dweller, any place where you can find a few square meters.

Sneakerheads and shoe fans can now also participate in the washing action. LG plans to expand their Styler collection with the ShoeCare, a sleek cabinet that can clean and refresh four pairs of shoes in just 37 minutes. They’re also launching the ShoeCase, a UV light-absorbing revolving display case that can keep your heels and kicks in pristine condition between wears. Can you imagine an entire cubicle or office wall built from these modular cases? That’s a wow-worthy home feature!


Soothing colors haven’t gone anywhere, but if this past KBIS show was any indication, blues and greens will be making a strong comeback in all the hard-working areas of the house. Cafe showcased their eye-catching Emerald range, due for release later this year, while True Residential introduced their new Bluestone finish, a serene blue with gray and lilac undertones now available on all full-sized and indoor/outdoor models of the brand. substructure units.

If you want to go even more neural, matte white offers another option. Prominently displayed in the aisles, these new white finishes subvert the rap this hue has traditionally received for being commonplace. The latest snow-colored appliances and fixtures are anything but ordinary.

6. Ovals, semicircles and soft curves

Curved silhouettes have been trending for a few years now, but I saw crescent and oval shapes in many of the booth mock kitchens and baths. The shapely seamless stone backsplash in one of Cafe’s two fashionable cooking areas was visually stunning in its semicircular simplicity. You could definitely try this idea in a bathroom on a sink walk, too. Plus, many of the kitchen islands on the show had rounded edges, which not only feels a little unexpected, but also makes it a little easier to navigate this high-traffic area in terms of flow.

7. Statement smart refrigerators

When it comes to luxury refrigeration, personalization is the name of the game, especially when it comes to the energy-efficient paneled French Door-style machines that have dominated the market in recent years. Samsung showed off a slew of new colors that can be used interchangeably on the front of their Bespoke refrigerators; they’re even launching a photo and illustration option called My Bespoke, which turns panels into a favorite family photo or other personalized design. Dubbed the “party fridge” during the show, LG STUDIO’s MoodUP certainly earned that name. The LED-powered panels can be changed to different colors in real time via the brand’s ThinQ app – and set to pulse to the beat of a song – resulting in a dynamic display that you and your house guests can’t help but love. notice and smile. Did I mention the refrigeration and ice making capabilities are also best in class?

Talk about contrast! So many of the fixtures, finishes, and building materials I saw had really unique textures that could work in both minimalist and maximalist environments — or any space in between. Whether it’s a glass sink at Kohler or solid stone at Cosentino, fluting topped the list of texture trends. A close second might be what Emtek called “knurled,” a ridge-like texture seen in the brand’s Select Conical Knurled Knob.

Post-peak Covid, bidets are still a bathroom upgrade many people want to make in their homes. You can find them in all sizes, and you don’t have to buy a separate fixture — or a brand new toilet — to run one in your pad. Check out the Toto Washlet for more information on retro fit-friendly toilet seat bidets.

10. Small space solutions

Brands nowadays focus even more on residents of small spaces, and that sounds like music to my ears. I’ve already mentioned some of the small cleaning and laundry solutions, but innovation is also coming to the kitchen and bathroom. Take Duravit’s No. 1’s collection of wall mounted sinks, basins and mirrors. Tons of style – and plenty of function – are packed into these three pieces that can be installed on the tiniest stretch of wall. The trio would be perfect for a powder room or small tub you’re trying to squeeze a shower into without forgoing all the conveniences you still need to get ready.

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