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Teen Mom Chelsea Houska’s HGTV show Down Home Fab’s ratings jump 200,000 viewers after disappointing season premiere


TEEN Mom Chelsea Houska’s HGTV show Down Home Fab ratings surged by nearly 200,000 viewers after the season premiere brought disappointing numbers.

Chelsea, 31, and Cole’s new show Down Home Fab premiered Jan. 16 on HGTV.


Chelsea Houska’s HGTV show Down Home Fab premiered to disappointing numbersCredit: HGTV
But nearly 200,000 more viewers tuned in for the second episode


But nearly 200,000 more viewers tuned in for the second episodeCredit: HGTV

The series premiere brought in a disappointing 678,000 viewers after the stars were criticized for their “bad” decor decisions.

But The US Sun can exclusively reveal that ratings skyrocketed to 850,000 for the Jan. 23 episode.


In this week’s episode, the couple renovated clients Jenny and Neal’s entryway, dining room, living room, and kitchen.

They opted for a “cosy and sophisticated” aesthetic.

Teen Mom Chelsea and Cole's home renovations have been finalized

Some design choices included turning their brick fireplace into a double-sided one with a stucco finish and painting the wood window trim white.

They also converted the dining room into a mud room and kitchen pantry.

As for the stairs, they added white and gray chevron carpet with a modern black metal staircase.

The kitchen featured a waterfall island, farmhouse marble sink, and chevron backsplash.

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Cole also redesigned the floor plan by removing walls that previously prevented the cooking area from opening up to the rest of the house.


But fans weren’t impressed, as one person commented, “So they removed the character? Sure, you could lighten some of those areas with some white walls but the blue wasn’t bad?!”

A second commenter exclaimed: “THOSE PAINTED THOSE BEAUTIFUL WOODEN WINDOWS WHITE?! I would sob on television if this were my house and I [saw] this. It’s awful.”

Another said, “I absolutely hate the trend of painting over beautiful natural wood window frames.”

A quarter said: ‘The furniture is nice but the all-white walls make it look so soulless and boring. The original color was ugly but white everywhere is too much.’


While a final commenter added, “From cozy to barren and boring.”


The first episode saw the partners use their decorating expertise to remodel several rooms in the nearby home of another Sioux Falls couple, Jessica and Nate.

With a budget of $100,000, they transformed their client’s kitchen, dining room, living room, sitting area, and foyer, giving it a flare similar to Chelsea and Cole’s farmhouse in South Dakota.

Some design choices included butcher block countertops for the kitchen, painting the original off-white cabinets black, and wrapping copper for the kitchen island.

For the living room, Chelsea used peel-and-rust black alligator-print wallpaper for the accent wall, antelope print for the carpet, and yellow chairs.

As for the living room, they painted the stone of the fireplace with lime and painted the wooden ceiling green.


While the clients seemed thrilled with the renovation, viewers on social media weren’t so happy.

One said, “It was actually embarrassing how bad it turned out. They have 0 sense of style. The house looked awful when they finished.”

A second agreed: “Looks awful! Also, Chels kept saying the room was too dark, then proceeded to lay the floors dark and paint the walls AND ceilings dark green.”

A third wrote: ‘The whole design seemed to hold together except for that awful fireplace. Maybe it was different in person, but it looked like a giant white blob between earth tones and black. 100% left the ceiling unpainted.”

Others thought the projects were “awful”, scathingly calling the whole project “a huge waste of money”.

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New episodes of Down Home Fab air every Monday at 9pm EST on HGTV and are also available on Discovery+.

The former Teen Mom 2 stars left the MTV show in 2020.

The couple got backlash for painting the wood trim white


The couple got backlash for painting the wood trim whiteCredit: HGTV
One design choice included a double-sided fireplace


One design choice included a double-sided fireplaceCredit: HGTV
Customers, however, loved the finished product


Customers, however, loved the finished productCredit: HGTV