Taylor Swift’s NYC mansion that inspired her song “Cornelia Street,” up for rent for $45,000 a month

Taylor Swift’s New York City mansion, which inspired her song “Cornelia Street,” has been put up for rent at a price of $45,000 a month.

The 32-year-old singer’s home, located in Manhattan’s West Village, was put on the market this week by The Corcoran Group, a luxury release brokerage firm. Swift first rented and lived in the space in 2016 while her penthouse in Tribeca was being renovated, according toElle.

Swift fans know this house because it inspired a song for her Lover album, “Cornelia Street”. In the tune she sings, “‘I’m renting a house on Cornelia Street,’ I casually say in the car.'”

As noted by Corcoran’s listing, the mansion was first built in the 1870s as a carriage house and has since been transformed into a modern home. Some of the luxurious amenities include a drive-right-in garage and a 30-by-15-foot pool that is over 5 feet deep.

There are four bedrooms, five full bathrooms, and two half bathrooms in the home, with the guest suite on the first floor. The bottom floor of the place includes the pool, lounge area and fireplace. It also leads to an outdoor patio.

The large living room, which is located on the second floor, features “beamed ceilings, Russian Ipe blonde parquet floors, stained glass windows, and a wood-burning fireplace with a marble hearth,” according to the listing’s description.

Some of the appliances in the kitchen include a wine fridge and granite countertops, as the space leads to a dining room “with floor-to-ceiling casement windows that open out to the tranquil backyard view of the West Village.”

The large master bedroom on the third floor of the apartment is equipped with a walk-in closet and bathroom with skylight. The room also adjoins a terrace with “an outdoor lounge” and “gas fireplace”.

Tenants can go to the top of the building to “use the gabled roof terrace and enjoy an unobstructed view of downtown.”

Along with the mention, Corcoran shared a video tour of the ‘Anti-Hero’ singer’s luxury apartment on TikTok. In the clip’s comments, multiple fans mocked the house rent and Ticketmaster’s chaotic pre-sale for Swift’s upcoming tour, where fans waited in line for hours and couldn’t get concert tickets.

“If we split it 5000 ways we can get it!!” one person commented, while another wrote, “For only $13 million.”

A third said: “Is there a queue to rent it? I’ve been traumatized enough.”

Multiple people shared how they would react to living in the house, with one writing, “The way I would cry if I remembered Taylor walking on the same floor.”

According to the mansion’s former owner for 15 years, David Aldea, he had no idea who Swift was when he rented the space to her in 2016. However, he said that when the “All Too Well” singer first saw the mansion , she immediately loved it.

“She came in and I’ll never forget this — she said, ‘Oooh, it’s so crafty,'” Aldea recalled during a 2019 interview with Vulture. “And in Taylor language that means ‘I like everything.’ She asked if she could rent not only the house but also my style. So towels and dishes and glassware and furniture and just sort of “Put on your clothes and go.” So I did. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with.

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