Take care of your senior pets | ‘Tips from Héloïse’ | Lifestyles


Dear Heloise: I realized my dog ​​was losing his hearing, so I started not only talking to him, but also using hand signals and facial expressions to communicate. It’s so important to pet your senior dog and make sure he knows he’s still loved.

Brush them often and feed them as close to a regular schedule as possible. Eye contact is vital. Most dogs will pick up on hand signals, especially if they are petted or simply patted on the head afterwards. To wake up my dog, I pet him slowly and gently until he opens his eyes. I give him more treats and walks now that the deafness is gaining ground.

She will be 15 in October, but no matter how old she is, she will always be an important member of this family. — Gallen W., Stone Mountain, Georgia

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