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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As the feud between actress Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛) and ex-husband, Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲) developed, a mattress Wang reportedly cost nearly NT$10 million (US$320,160) cost, accidentally the highlight.

During Wang’s social media diatribe that lasted more than 12 hours on Monday (Nov. Taiwan, and wrote, “It’s one thing if someone else lives, but can you, asshole, change the mattress?” This immediately became a point of derision of Wang by netizens, which was further amplified when Wang’s mother Zhang Lan (張蘭) emphasized during a live stream that the mattress was custom-made for Hsu and “costed 2 million”.

While Zhang did not specify what currency the prize was in, the Taiwanese media interpreted it as renminbi, which is equivalent to NT$10 million. It was widely speculated that the mattress in question was Vividus from the Swedish brand Hastens.

On Wednesday (Nov. 23), Wang posted another message on China’s Twitter-like Weibo, claiming he had lost his temper after Hsu sued him for failing to pay alimony. “I don’t want to say anything more, burn that damn mattress, it’s all in the past, let’s stop attacking each other,” he wrote in a post that was deleted shortly after publication.

In response, Hastens shared an old fire test video on Weibo to promote the company’s “non-combustible bed.” While a generic mattress turned into a charred mess in five minutes, the Hastens bed next to it never caught fire, only turning black when a member of staff tried to light it.

In a deleted Weibo post, Wang tells Hsu to “burn the damn mattress”. (Screenshot from Weibo, Wang Xiaofei)

Taiwan hotel owned by Wang Xiaofei cuts up mattress returned by Barbie Hsu
Hastens responds to Wang’s post by sharing a video of his “uncombustible bed,” which stands next to a generic bed that is quickly engulfed in flames. (Screenshot from Weibo, Hastens)

Meanwhile, Hsu had delivered a mattress to Wang’s S Hotel in Taipei. SETNews quoted the hotel’s general manager, nicknamed Lee (李), as saying the mattress arrived at 4 p.m. on Tuesday (Nov. 22). According to Lee, “Discarded mattresses are categorized as bulky waste. We spent NT$15,000 to hire a professional company to destroy it.”

On Wednesday (November 23), S Hotel held a press conference and allowed the Taiwanese media to film and photograph the mattress being “cut up” by the employees. In the process, the public quickly noticed that the destroyed mattress was not Hastens’, prompting netizens to start yet another frenzied debate about what brand it was and how much it actually cost.

In Taiwan, furniture brands took the opportunity to promote their beds. IKEA’s Neihu branch posted on Facebook: “The new only comes when the old is gone. Now that the old one is broken, isn’t it time to get a new one?”

“We don’t have luxury beds that cost millions, but we do have 10 years of quality assurance. The innovative S-shaped design (referring to Hsu’s stage name Big S) provides support in seven comfort zones and is as good as a million-dollar luxury bed.” The store added that it also offers a “mattress recycling service” and “free shipping on orders over NT$14,000”.

Taiwan hotel owned by Wang Xiaofei cuts up mattress returned by Barbie Hsu
Taiwanese media speculated that Wang purchased a Hastens Vividus mattress costing nearly NT$10 million for Hsu. (Hasten’s photo)

Hsu issued another statement on social media on Wednesday in response to Zhang’s allegations that she cheated on Wang with DJ Koo. Zhang had also accused her and her younger sister, Dee Hsu (徐熙娣), of having a history of drug abuse.

“My sister and I can’t do drugs because we both have bad hearts. My sister works an average of four days a week and lives with her in-laws and children. There is no way for her to do drugs. I’m not interested in drugs myself. Taiwan does not allow drugs, we abide by the law.” Hsu added curtly, “It’s hard to maintain or end a 10-year marriage. I don’t have the strength and I don’t care about cheating.”

In addition, Hsu denied receiving more than NT$40 million from Wang, insisting that she did not come up with the list of expenses as shown in screenshots posted by him on Weibo. “But every month I receive NT$1 million in compensation for my physical and psychological trauma.”

She wrote that he paid her and her children’s daily expenses as agreed. The NT$5 million he owed, for which she filed a lawsuit, was to be used as their children’s savings.

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