tablecloths? It’s all about “table dresses” this season

Bye Bye Tablecloth, Hello Table Gown (Sumrill & Bishop)

Thinking of setting your Christmas table this year with a simple white tablecloth? Or a little festive number, perhaps adorned with sprigs of holly and mistletoe? Or maybe you’ll go without the fabric, keeping it minimal? You couldn’t be more wrong.

I hate to break it to you, but this is hard. It’s the holiday season, baby, minimalism is over, extreme is beginning, and the long reign of table cloths finally has a contender for the throne.

Enter: table gowns. Over the top, sequined and sparkling, it’s a Christmas party dress but for a festive banquet deck, it is in.

They’re put to the fore by legendary summerill & bishop table coordinators. The Notting Hill-based home goods store has launched a trio of couture table dresses embellished entirely with sequins – 260,000 of them to be exact.

    (Summerill & Bishop)

(Sumrill and Bishop)

The sequins are sewn on 100 percent pure French linen in Switzerland, using Saurer “Schiffli” embroidery machines—designed specifically for sequin-cutting—that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Once it is embroidered it is retouched by hand, which can take up to 12 hours.

There are three colors, all in the same bark-like pattern, which take inspiration from the London Plane trees that can be seen near Sumerill & Bishop’s Notting Hill store.

    (Summerill & Bishop)

(Sumrill and Bishop)

One is earthy and camouflaged, the second is spring-like and flowery, with accents of turquoise, pink, moss and white, and the final is a picture of festive tables: silver, bronze and pearl.

Each table dress is extra like the last, measuring 165 x 380cm, and is priced upon application, from £5,300 – another cost-of-living-defying launch.

    (Summerill & Bishop)

(Sumrill and Bishop)

Perfect for the lazy table, this is the best way to set an extra table this holiday season without having to buy 1,000 pieces of dried fruit, hang neatly placed mistletoe, or light an amount of fire-hazardous candles.

Despite the gowns being a new collection, Summerill & Bishop has already hinted at future table shirt styles as well, with a lace table gown that appears to be in the works. Think equal parts Nonna’s Italian Wedding and the 1980s.

Come to me...on my daughter's wedding table day (Summerill & Bishop)

Come to Me… On My Daughter’s Wedding Table Day (Summerill & Bishop)

Summerill & Bishop was launched in 1994 by friends June Summerill and Bernadette Bishop, who were disappointed by the lack of “personality and intimacy” of regular kitchen and cutlery stores.

Since then, they have gone on to produce what Summerill & Bishop describes as “the most beautiful tablecloths in the world”. And if there’s one thing for sure about these table gowns: They don’t lack for personality.

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