Sustainable luxury living is now available to everyone

WindsorPatania Architects have set a new bar for luxury European living with their sustainable country houses. This project is energy positive and CO2 neutral. Moreover, the knowledge gained from this design is available to everyone. And when all is said and done, the building will produce more energy than it uses in a year.

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This is Eden House, a design based on eight core principles such as biophilic design and renewable energy. Improving and using nature is central to the design. Furthermore, the plot is divided into different regions in order to enjoy specific plant and animal species. There are also microsystems for birds, bees and butterflies here.

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A vine wall with triangles everywhere

There are 106 solar panels and a ground source heat pump. Meanwhile, natural ventilation keeps the building cooler in summer and keeps energy costs low. Rainwater is then collected and the biodigester will recycle and purify the water. A gray water collection system will also be installed.

A picture of a garden in the middle of the house

The house surrounds a courtyard that offers beautiful views from the inside. Such a courtyard connects the inner and outer world. In addition, there is a green wall that literally brings nature into the interior spaces.

A patio with a long bench surrounded by flowers and shrubs

This luxury design is intended to inspire other builders and designers and to show them how luxury living can be integrated into sustainable, eco-friendly practices. Twice a year there will be home visits for universities, schools, designers and anyone else who wants to learn how sustainable technologies and building practices can be used to truly build a better future for the planet. Specifications and architectural drawings will also be available to engineers and architects. If everyone starts designing more sustainably, everyone is better off.

Eden House is located near the famous Green Belt near London, England and it is a design that everyone can take inspiration from. Anyone who wants to build a better, healthier future for the planet can learn exactly how Eden House was built and use the same green features in new designs.

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Images via WindsorPatania Architects

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