Style at Home: Holiday 2022 Style: Old World Rustic

Katie Loughridge Tribune News Service

Every January, the team and I take a trip to the market in Atlanta in search of the cutest trinkets and jewelry to grace our store for the holidays. I know what you’re thinking: Who thinks of Christmas in January? We would!

We’re keeping an eye on timeless styles, rather than trends, and scour floors and floors of decor to take care of themes and elements.

For months, boxes of Christmas decor have been arriving. I always love watching the magic of the elements that we have lovingly chosen one by one to become a cohesive and beautiful show. Old country style was the first Christmas theme to hit the ground running this year — and it instantly became a favourite. While gathering my ideas for this piece, I was reminded of our team members who collaborated on the look. Our wonderful Product Coordinator shared, “We loved the different combinations that have evolved, from glossy to galvanized and from birch to fur, it all just came together.”

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I was immediately amazed at the details that went together to make this holiday scene. Like the little pop of deep orange and yellow inspired by citrus. I love the classic dried fruit element, and these colors speak to that without being too literal. The colors add some dimension to this organic look.

The tree is the centerpiece of the holiday look, and this certainly dresses to impress. Want to recreate the look at home? Our team has a few different approaches, all of which lead to a beautiful end result. This method is easy to follow and results in a well-balanced design.

When building this tree, we started by layering pieces to make the tree fuller. I love the organic elements in the weeping white branches and cranberry-colored stems laid out throughout – very rustic. Next, we install the largest items on the tree: a cheerful Santa Claus, a sleigh decorated with fur of different sizes and a shower of galvanized bells. We saw the potential in the market right away, and our visual team had some great ideas for using it, such as tucked into a tree, bundled in a basket, perched on a coffee table or tucked away in a shelf.

After the larger items have found their places scattered throughout the tree, it’s time to add the ribbon. You can cascade it down the tree, or weave it all in depending on the look you prefer. Once the tape is in place, start at the center point (or focal point) of the tree and begin placing smaller ornaments and working your way out from there. Small loops of ribbon can make a big impact if you don’t want a heavy tree for decoration.

We carried this look around the room, incorporating both natural and chic accents for a rustic and upscale look. A wood and metal lantern paired with a sparkling gold deer, decorated with greenery and ribbon, is perfect for a miniature coffee table. Add some candlesticks and a smaller lantern for more space, or reduce by removing a piece or two that don’t fit. Play around until you get the right mix, which gives you the right amount of sound and movement.

I just adore the depth and texture this look offers. It’s the perfect look to kick off your Christmas features, too! Stay tuned — over the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring even more holiday looks.

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