Strategies of Global OEMs for Electric Light Commercial Vehicle Platforms: All Major Automakers to Launch at Least One Dedicated Electric Platform by 2025 –

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Currently, OEMs are building electric light commercial vehicles (eLCVs) on a variety of platforms, including converting/customizing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, using flexible multi-energy platforms, and starting from scratch on dedicated electric vehicle (EV) skateboarding platforms . ICE-based platforms may be more suitable for quickly converting an existing LCV into an eLCV model with minimal investment, but they lack the design flexibility and higher efficiency of pure electric platforms. Cost reduction, increase in addressable market, faster development and easy parts procurement are some of the factors driving platformization.

Platform development is no longer limited to OEMs. Multiple startups are building skateboarding platforms for OEMs or developers to license. Although the initial investment required is high, these platforms are flexible and scalable with a high level of efficiency and performance. For certain models, OEMs prefer to use proven platforms from other OEMs and then reuse them to reduce development costs and time to market.

Every major OEM is likely to have a pure electric platform by 2025, with Stellantis, VW and GM ahead of others. Select OEMs have already announced a relevant specification range, bodystyles, expected models and applications that their electric platforms can serve. Key eLCV platforms to look out for from major OEMs include STLA from Stellantis, MEB and SSP from Volkswagen, EVP and VAN.EA from Daimler, Ultium from GM, TE1 and GE2 from Ford, and LCV-EV from Renault- Nissan Mitsubishi.

Main topics:

1. Strategic Requirements

  • Why is it getting harder and harder to grow?

  • The Strategic Necessity 8T

  • The impact of the top 3 strategic imperatives on the trucking industry

  • Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline EngineT

2. Growth Environment and Scope – Global eLCV Market

  • Research scope

  • Market share

3. eLCV Platforms

  • Platform – Definition and Components

  • Types of electric light commercial vehicle (eLCV) platforms

  • Comparison of platform types

  • Factors driving platformization

  • Skateboard platform

  • Beyond Skateboard – Structural battery pack

  • Main Platform Component Technology Roadmap

4. Powertrain architecture in eLCV platforms

  • Powertrain architecture

  • OEMs – Powertrain architecture mapping

  • Powertrain architecture roadmap

5. Stellantis Profile

  • Stellantis – LCV platforms and models

  • Stellantis – Large platforms

  • Stellantis – Future platform evolution

  • Stellantis – Range of STLA platforms versus battery capacity

  • Stellantis – STLA Platforms Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR) vs Engine Power

6. VW profile

  • VW – LCV platforms and models

  • VW – Large platforms

  • VW – MEB partnerships

  • VW – SSP platform

7. Daimler profile

  • Daimler – LCV platforms and models

  • Daimler – Large platforms

  • Daimler – Future LCV Platforms

8. RNM Profile

  • RNM – LCV platforms and models

  • RNM – Large Platforms

  • RNM – Future Strategy for Electric Platforms

9. GM Profile

  • GM – LCV Platforms and Models

  • GM – Large Platforms

  • GM – Ultium platform

10. Ford profile

  • Ford – LCV platforms and models

  • Ford – Large platforms

11. eLCV platforms from major OEMs

  • Current eLCV platforms and models

  • Share platform between OEMs

  • OEM eLCV platforms launch timeline

12. eLCV Platform Provider – REE

  • REE Automotive – Platform

  • REE Automotive – Partnerships and Suppliers

  • REE Automotive – Strategic Development

13. Dedicated electric platforms from select OEMs

  • Special electric platforms

  • Platform battery specifications

  • Platform engine specifications

  • Platform Weight Specifications

14. Main eLCV Models

  • EV model platforms and powertrain architecture

  • Small eLCV – Battery and motor

  • Small eLCV – GVWR and price

  • Medium duty eLCV – Battery and motor

  • Average eLCV – GVWR and price

  • Large eLCV – Battery and motor

  • Large eLCV – GVWR and price

  • ELCV models from major OEMs launch timeline

15. Universe for Growth Opportunities

  • Growth Opportunity 1 – Increasing integration of platform components

  • Growth Opportunity 2 – First Wave of Platform Sharing and Licensing

  • Growth Opportunity 3 – Growing Adoption of Platform-as-a-Service

16. Appendix

  • abbreviations and acronyms

17. Next steps

18. List of Exhibits

Mentioned companies

  • Daimler

  • ford

  • General Motors (GM)

  • REE Automotive BV

  • Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi (RNM)

  • Stellar

  • Volkswagen (VW)

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