Stop and smell the roses at Tyler, which bloom with trials

Everything comes with roses TylerThe East Texas destination lies just 90 miles west of Dallas-Fort Worth, making it a natural haven in pine forests, lakes, and flowers.

But the official Capital of America rose not only gets high marks for its flowering. You’ll also find some of the state’s best barbecue, charming shops and boutiques along the brick streets, and tons of cozy small town charm.

Here are some of the best ways you can have fun with Tyler and escape the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Stop smelling roses and azaleas
world famous Rose Garden in Tyler Municipal Kaleidoscope 14 acres of orange, pink, red, white and yellow florals. For nearly 100 years, Tyler has been a major player in the rose industry.

October is the high season here – and it’s also an annual season Texas Rose Festival hosted. But you can explore the garden almost any time of the year to enjoy the roses.

Tyler’s historic neighborhoods are also beautifully painted in the pink and white of azaleas, so watch out for those too.

Eat like the locals
start at Stanley’s famous barbecue houseWhich is without a doubt one of the best barbecue places in Texas. Be sure to order the Mother Clucker, a sandwich with preheated smoked chicken, spicy mayonnaise and cheddar cheese topped with a deep-fried egg and served on a toasted jalapeno sourdough with homemade guacamole and bacon. Oh, and they also have the largest selection of whiskeys in East Texas and live music almost every night.

To eat and shop at the same time, head to dried house Started by two Tylerites in 1982. The restaurant is known for its huge salad bar with every possible salad and all toppings as well as a potato bar, soup and more.

After dining, you can shop a selection of gourmet foods, décor items, candles, and accessories in the restaurant store.

Try the handcrafted beer made by Tyler
in True Fine Brewing CompanyTheir motto is integrity, community and love – and it shows.

Come for a themed beer – mermaids and blonde rhinos are a must – and stay for the family-friendly hangout that includes a rustic cabin along with a dog park, playground, and live music scene.

Connoisseurs of beer will love it too ETX Brewing Companya small, family-owned brewery pours everything from American stout with organic roasted coconut to blonde ale with passion fruit.

It’s located south of downtown Tyler Square and has an outdoor area where local teams play each week. In their on-site restaurant, The balcony at ETXYou can order mouth-watering favorites like mac n’ cheese fries, wings, or a burger with that beer.

Browse unique boutiques
Window shopping offers plenty of charming views thanks to downtown Tyler’s brick streets and historic architecture.

Get a personalized sweatshirt from Brands and threads; Shop all the natural body oils, face masks and other goodies on Moon Rivers Naturals; Browse 10,000 square feet of antiques, antique furniture and collectibles at Ye Old City Antique Mall.

Walking in the park
Thirteen miles of scenic trails for you to take on Tyler State Park, where you’ll also be in the presence of majestic 100-foot-high pines. Guided tours are also available and are a great way to experience an in-depth look at the park’s flora and fauna.

After the hike, relax and enjoy swimming in the lake and camping under the stars.

say hello to animals
Caldwell Zoo It is one of America’s most popular small zoos, where you can get behind-the-scenes experiences with amazing animals, learn from zoo experts, and feed giraffes at the African Overlook.

Do it for love
There is no denying that Tyler is photogenic. Roses, nature, liquor, they all make moments uncombustible.

and so does Art alley in the city center The project, which was created as a space for local artists to collectively display their work.

The tyler wings Mural is another picture waiting to happen, you can also find mural at The place of discovery of scienceAnd the ETX fermentationAnd the True vine brewing.

For the perfect retro photo, look no further than Freedom Hall Downtown Marquee The theater was originally built in 1930.

And for architecture lovers, do not miss the opportunity to visit azalea district and its picture-perfect homes, from the early to mid-20th century in a range of styles, including Queen Anne, Craftsman, Classic Revival, Ranch, and more.

Find out more to love and plan a great escape at Visit Tyler.

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