Steve Schmidt’s ex-wife says he owes her more than $100,000 and wants him locked up for contempt

Court documents reveal that a messy divorce now involves the swanky membership of a political agent

Brent Scher • November 18, 2022 3:50 pm

The ex-wife of Steve Schmidt, the disgraced co-founder of the Lincoln Project, has asked a Utah court to charge the liberal political operative with contempt of court over his failure to cash in money she claims he owes her, including for her interest in a membership in one of the most expensive private clubs in the country, according to documents released by the Washington free beacon.

A court order filed on Nov. 7, 2022, shows lawyers for Schmidt’s ex-wife, Angela Schmidt, say the man who allegedly spoke of turning the anti-Trump Lincoln Project into a vehicle for ” generational wealth” owes her for her part of a membership at the Glenwild Golf Club in Park City, Utah, which boasts that it is “as exclusive as it is desirable” and at one point counted Michael Jordan as a member.

Angela Schmidt also says her ex-husband owes her $84,000 for “mortgage payments Stephen failed to pay,” and at least $50,000 for “$10,000 monthly payments Stephen failed to pay Angela.” Her lawyers want Schmidt to be convicted of contempt of court for his alleged failure to fulfill his court-mandated obligations and for the court to impose on him a “penalty of up to 30 days in prison for each charge of contempt” under Utah Code 78B. -6-310.” The court ordered Steve Schmidt to appear later this month on November 29 for a hearing on her claims.

Schmidt’s finances have come under scrutiny since news reports revealed that he and other Lincoln Project officials used the millions of dollars the group raised from anti-Trump donors to enrich themselves. During his time with the Lincoln Project, Schmidt bought a $1.4 million mansion in Utah, according to the Associated Press. The five-bedroom, seven-bathroom home is located near Glenwild Golf Club, which has a starting fee of $200,000 and annual dues of $18,800, according to a golf enthusiast website. The club did not respond to an inquiry into Steve Schmidt’s membership status.

The lawsuit came just days before the Daily caller reported that Angela Schmidt filed for a temporary restraining order against Schmidt in mid-August, who vehemently denied the report and threatened to sue the outlet for libel. Court documents reviewed by the Free beacon show that Angela Schmidt did indeed ask the court for a restraining order on August 15, 2022. “The commissioner reviewed Angela’s Ex Parte application for a temporary restraining order,” the court wrote the next day. “It is appropriate that the documents be served on Stephen or his counsel.”

Court documents reviewed by the Free beacon do not specify how the court resolved her request, but the record shows that Steve Schmidt opposed it a week later. An attorney for Steve Schmidt told the Free beacon that the court rejected the application for a restraining order on August 30, 2022.

Steve Schmidt, reached for comment, responded with an expletive-laden diatribe and threatened legal action. “Fuck you,” Schmidt said in a text message. “You print your slanderous nonsense and I’ll let the lawyers take care of things.”

In his public legal threats against the Daily caller, Schmidt has said he doesn’t care how much money filing a libel suit would cost him. “I don’t care how much this costs,” he said said. “I’d rather live broke with my family in a tent.”

Neither Schmidt nor his attorney responded to a question about whether he has met his financial obligations to Angela Schmidt. Lawyers for Angela Schmidt did not respond to a request for comment.

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