Spruce up your home to a stylish and comfortable home

It can be fun to live in a room that you can decorate to your taste. You can invest in pocket-friendly home furnishings to give your room a cozy look. Transforming a bedroom, living room, kitchen or workspace to give it a neat look means getting rid of clutter so you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed or claustrophobic. Organize the spaces with proper storage and lighting and add your personal touch to transform your otherwise ordinary home into a comfortable and stylish abode.

Here is a list of clever hacks you can try –

Multifunctional furniture:
In a limited space, buy furniture that has a multi-functional purpose in your home. Since storage can be an issue, you may prefer to buy furniture that can be folded or slid, or that serves storage purposes. For example, a sofa bed can be used to sit and entertain guests and can also be converted into a bed.

Choose the right color:
It is important to choose the right color to brighten up the room. Usually, light color can make a room look bigger and brighter, just like the color white. An accent wall can make the room look stylish and add a different vibe, like an accent wall behind your bed or TV unit.

To create space for an entertainment den, bedroom and work area, you can choose low-budget partitions instead of doors. You can use curtains that add light and texture to a room or use room dividers to divide the room. You can also choose a glass partition so as not to limit the flow of sunlight into the home. Partitions will be affordable and you can change the color or design according to your taste or requirement.


Wall mount:
If you don’t want to invest in painting your walls, you can put up wall coverings like photo frames, paintings or dream catchers to give your wall an artistic look on a low budget.

Stylish storage solutions:
Now that your furniture is set, you also need storage space. You can put the door to use by hanging stylish hooks behind it to hang your dupattas, scarves, cheap jewelry, belts, etc. You can add more shelves to your spacious closet to store more things. You can buy storage boxes and use the space under your bed to store your bedding, pillows, books, etc.

Lighting plays an important role in adding character to the interior. Whether you need a room to relax or add drama, good lighting can be a game-changer. Invest in good lighting – especially in warm colored and white colored light.

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