Soul Hackers 2: best accessories

When equipped, accessories in Soul Hackers 2 increase stats like HP, INT and Defense. Here are the best accessories for every party member.

Those familiar with turn-based RPGs will feel right at home with Soul Hacker 2. Players experience the combat system from the start, but as the game progresses, it becomes more complex and requires more strategy-based thinking. While Demons are crucial in battle, making sure your Summoners are strong also goes a long way. The relationships between the main protagonist, Ringo, and party members become immediately beneficial as they introduce players to key characters and places that provide opportunities for upgrades.


Outside the dungeons, players can explore the city. As you meet new people, more places are unlocked. the city in Soul Hacker 2 it is home to many spots like shops, bars and clubs that Demon Summoners frequent. Additionally, players can purchase items that help them in dungeons and during battle. One such place is Zafiro. Zafiro is a clothing store for a character named Mannequin, and here players can buy accessories for party members.

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what are accessories

Accessories are essentially armor and outerwear. They are not visible, which is unfortunate if players like to customize their characters, but act as defense boosters when equipped. The more expensive ones will also increase other stats. Basic statistics include the following:

Strength (STR) – Strength influences damage output of basic attacks and attack skills.

Intelligence (INT) – Those with high intelligence are more likely to land food and have better evasive maneuvers.

Vitality (VIT) – Vitality refers to a base defense of Demons or Demon Summoners.

Agility (AGI) – Agility influences speed. Speed ​​affects turn order, accuracy, and evasion.

Luck (LUK) – Greater Luck makes critical hits more likely.

Some accessories increase one stat but decrease another. This trade-off might be worth it depending on the user’s role on the team and the stats of the equipped Demon. Summoners have additional stats such as Condition, COMP, and Armor. Most accessories focus on armor stats.

Best accessories for each character

As players get more robust, more accessories are unlocked. Accessories are purchased individually, so players must purchase them twice if they want two party members to have the same. However, certain accessories can only be worn by a specific party member and are custom-made for them.

zirconia band

  • Carries 61 armor defenses
  • Increases HP by 160 and INT by 12
  • Can only be equipped by Ringo.

vintage lighter

  • Carries 60 armor defenses
  • Increases HP by 180 and MP by 100
  • Can only be equipped by Saizo.

Victoria Bustier

  • Carries 62 armor defenses
  • Increases STR by 12 and AGI by 10
  • Can only be equipped by Milady

Marshal Glove

  • Carries 55 armor defenses
  • increases VIT by 12 and AGI by 10
  • can only be equipped by Arrow.

Each party member has unique stats; these accessories are responsible for the weaknesses of the characters and make them stronger overall. Choosing to equip them or not can affect team synergy, so keep that in mind when building a team.

Soul Hacker 2 is now available for PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox 1.

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