Somerset Collection Studio to Promote Detroit Artists and Designers

Detroit’s streets just got prettier with a new shopping experience that’s all about art.

The Somerset Collection has partnered with Detroit creators to curate the Detroit Collection to showcase local talent, with a live art installation and merchandise for sale that includes everything from clothing to candles and products made from premium automotive leather.

Luna-Tic, an alumna of the College for Creative Studies, specializes in large-scale artwork and garments with bold colors that transition into pop culture. Luna-Tic will be on several dates to paint a mural entitled “Designated Passenger”: Saturdays from 7-9pm; 23 Sept. from 2 pm to 6 pm and 24 Sept. from 7-9pm

Her work usually draws inspiration from culture and life experiences.

T-shirts designed by Detroit artist Luna-Tic featured in her live painting on the rims she picked up with spray paint and resin epoxy from junkyards at the Somerset Collection Studio in downtown Detroit on Friday, September 16, 2022.  The Somerset Collection Studio opens its Detroit Collection with a mission to shine a light on local artists and designers.


The Detroit Collection also caters to other local artists and design talent, with frequent visits from fashion designers, jewelry makers, authors, painters and other makers.

Brands currently featured:

  • Pingree Detroit: Named for former Detroit mayor, Hazen Pingree, was co-founded in 2015 by veterans and members of the Detroit community. The goal is to create durable goods and provide a living wage to veterans. The brand specializes in accessories, pet items, handcrafted bags and homewares using premium leather reclaimed from the Detroit auto industry.
  • Iconic Detroit: Specializes in custom homewares such as coasters, wall decor, and even tote bags. Commercial artwork for office spaces is also something that makes the brand.
  • Detroit Rose: Handmade everyday essentials ranging from skin care products to self-care items, including candles. Celebrating the present and bringing peace into your life through their products is what this brand stands for.
  • Epiphany Glass: Founded by April Wagner and her love of art, the company specializes in glass blowing and art creation.
  • Pewabic Pottery: Created in 1903 on the east side of the city of Detroit in the now National Historic Landmark studio. The company still produces pottery, organizes classes in ceramic art and allows guests from all over the world to visit its studio. Handmade items for sale include jewelry, pottery, tiles, tile postcards, tote bags, and other novelties.

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