Sky Glass reveals 2022 living room trends, from smart speakers to open-plan living

Sky Glass has unveiled the 2022 trends everyone wants in their living room, from smart speakers to an open space.

Gone are the days of three-piece suites, drink carts and inspirational wall quotes, according to the experts behind Sky’s new streaming TV.

Instead, we opt for corner sofas, sustainable furniture and smart tech for a modern touch to our sitting rooms.

A survey of 2,000 adults commissioned by Sky Glass revealed what the average living room looks like today.

Old Living bridle trends 3D render. Credit: Sky Glass

Drawn from the survey, our top 20 living room trends for 2022 include everything from real wood floors, wood-burning stoves, eye-catching rugs to small luxuries like candles and potted plants.

Interior design guru Sophie Robinson said: “Our living rooms are the heart of the home and Sky Glass’s new research shows they have to work harder than ever on a multi-purpose level.

“You don’t have to go through a complete makeover to give your living room an update – small changes like fresh accessories, sleek technology and organized storage can make a big difference.”

Our priorities are changing and we are moving quickly from ‘cosy’ living rooms to more open and multifunctional spaces where we can work, exercise and spend time with family from home.

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To help visualize how living rooms are changing and the trends emerging, Sky Glass created a 3D rendering to show the transformation.

When it comes to refurbishing, we make smaller but more affordable changes rather than overhauling entire rooms at once.

Most adults also turn to their family and friends’ homes the most before going to shops and watching TV programs about interior design.

It will come as no surprise that social media also plays a major role, as half of the respondents admit to getting interior inspiration from platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok.

More than two-thirds (68%) also see tech as a priority in their living space, with 42% saying a perfect TV set-up is essential to them.

Nearly half of Brits (46%) have four or more tech products in their front room, according to the survey, and it seems smart technology is on the rise.

The leader: Sky Glass.  Credit: SkyHeaven glass. Credit: Sky

Ms Robinson continues: “One of the areas, as a designer, that I find challenging to get right is the TV. Everyone wants one, the bigger the better, and they can quickly dominate the space.

“Sky Glass is a great way to integrate technology into your interior style – with just one wire it means less clutter and the choice of colors means you can blend it into your living room design, whatever your taste.”

10% of respondents said they are looking for more smart technology, such as smart speakers, TVs and lighting in their home.

Anthony Davies, Group Design Director, Sky, commented: “We don’t believe people should compromise on style when it comes to their technology. When we created Sky Glass, our goal was to combine beautiful design with the very latest technology and incredible entertainment.”

Davies added: “The result is a sleek TV that fits seamlessly into any living room design, acting as a piece of furniture that is adaptable, free of clutter and also carbon neutral, reflecting what many people are looking for in their living room technology today.”

Top 20 living room trends

  1. Smart speakers (63%)
  2. Sustainable furniture (61%)
  3. Real wood floors (60%)
  4. TV on the wall (60%)
  5. Open plan living room (57%)
  6. Luxury candles (57%)
  7. Throw (53%)
  8. Potted plants (52%)
  9. Wood stove (51%)
  10. Blinds (51%)
  11. Table lamps (50%)
  12. Fireplace (50%)
  13. Family photo frames (48%)
  14. Statement rug (48%)
  15. Corner sofas (47%)
  16. Wall prints (46%)
  17. Large mirror on the wall (45%)
  18. Floating shelves (43%)
  19. Curtains (43%)
  20. shutters (42%)

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