Shrewsbury approves changes to the proposed McGovern centre

Crews were busy demolishing the 420 Boston Turnpike on Oct. 24 (Photo/Caroline Gordon)

Shrewsbury – McGovern Automotive Group is one step away from bringing a crash and installation center to Shrewsbury.

The Select Board voted unanimously to approve a revised garage license for the proposed center at the 420 Boston Turnpike during its October 11 meeting.

The changes to the garage license come after proposed flooring and décor have been added to the site.

The site operates as a manufacturing facility and is used to host flea markets. During previous presentations to Shrewsbury boards, McGovern’s solicitor, Richard Ricker, said the drug had irked local emergency officials.

Ricker said during a February Select board meeting.

In September 2021, McGovern purchased the 15.4-acre property, and in February, the company submitted its plans for the site to the Select Board.

McGovern wants to use the site as a crash center and properly install lights and amenities in vehicles such as police cars and fire engines.

The collision center will also serve local McGovern dealerships, including Autobahn USA and McGovern Buick GMC dealerships in Westborough and Audi and BMW dealerships in Shrewsbury.

At that time, the Select Board approved a garage license for the project, which would allow them to operate that center.

Later that month, McGovern went before the Divisional Board of Appeals (ZBA) to request two special permits, agreed.

In September, Floor & Decor was added to the proposed site.

Now, with their plans changed, the company has gone before the Select Board to make garage license revisions.

They include a reduction from 333 to 245 parking spaces, which will be used for inventory storage and repairs, according to Ricker.

Chairman Select Moe DePalo raised concerns about seeing damaged vehicles.

Matt McGovern, president of McGovern Automotive Group, agreed with DePalo’s concerns and said the damaged vehicles will be stored near the building and new vehicles will be located in the Oak Street area.

McGovern added that the crash center and mount will “surely fix anything from a small dent to a larger ding.”

On Monday, the crews were busy demolishing the previous building.

McGovern will now go ahead of the ZBA later this evening with his modified plans.

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