Severe storm damages several homes, historic church near Ottawa

Residents and city officials will assess the damage and begin cleaning up after Saturday’s severe storm left a process of destruction in Ottawa.

The City of Ottawa says there are multiple reports of damaged property and fallen trees, “particularly in the Navan, Stittsville, Merivale and Hunt Club areas.”

Trees are scattered along roads and sidewalks in the city, and several houses have been damaged.

“We had a big, big Manitoba maple in the backyard, and it fell back on the house and we have a lot of damage,” said Steve Lloyd of the TSN 1200 of the damage to his home in the Merivale/Meadowlands area.

Lloyd told Newstalk 580 CFRA that the 15-foot-tall tree was lifted by its roots during the storm and “fell right over”, leaving a giant hole in the roof and damage to his daughter’s bedroom.

“It’s major damage on that side of the house. It didn’t miss the house at all, it landed right on the house.’

No one was injured.

Further south from Lloyd’s house in the Country Place neighborhood, Manon Hendry says a giant tree has been damaged by her home.

“We let a huge tree go through our house. It destroyed my two girls’ bedrooms, now the first floor is probably getting water damage,” Hendry said.

“Our backyard is a mess.”

Hendry says her family stayed with relatives and they will return to the house today to assess the damage.

Manon Hendry says a fallen tree has damaged her home in southern Ottawa. (Manon Hendry/Facebook)

Hydro Ottawa says 200 hydropiles were damaged by the storm.

In the east side of Ottawa, Coun. Catherine Kitts shared photos of property damage on Twitter, including a giant tree atop a house.

“Lots of stories about neighbors helping neighborhoods,” Kitts said.

count. Keith Egli, whose ward was badly damaged by a tornado in September 2019, admitted the damage in his community “doesn’t look right.”

Hendry praised her neighbors for coming together during this horrific event.

“Everyone has shaken hands with everyone.”


Pinecrest Cemetery in the area of ​​Greenbank Road and Baseline Road was badly damaged by the storm.

Photos shared by Elena Davies showed damaged tombstones and fallen trees in the cemetery.

The roads around the cemetery were also blocked by the fallen trees.

Pinecrest Cemetery in western Ottawa after Saturday’s storm. According to viewers, several trees had fallen and tombstones had fallen. (Elena Davies/viewer photo)


The Paroisse Saint-Hugues in Sarsfield was significantly damaged by the storm.

Graham Richardson of CTV News Ottawa shared a photo of damage to the church.

The village offers French masses on Sundays at 10:30 am

The Paroisse Saint-Hugues in Sarsfield after Saturday’s storm. (Graham Richardson/CTV News Ottawa)


Brookson Farm in southeastern Ottawa was significantly damaged by the storm.

“The indoor arena has been completely destroyed and there has been significant damage to fencing and other outbuildings,” Brookson Farm said in a Facebook post.

No injuries have been reported and all horses are fine.

All classes are canceled until further notice.

Brookson Farm is located on Russell Road in Carlsbad Springs.

The Paroisse Saint-Hugues in Sarsfield after Saturday’s storm. (Graham Richardson/CTV News Ottawa)

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