School bus conversion is a great DIY adventure for a 20 year old

EJ turns “Old School” into new age adventure and takes to the open road, ready for adventure. General engines probably never thought someone would take one of their GMC school buses and transform it into an off-grid tiny house on wheels, adventure vehicle, but that’s what 20-year-old EJ did with some help from family and friends.

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Meet ‘Loki’: a school bus turned into a cool bus

EJ’s GMC bus started out like many other school buses that transported children to school while looking out the five windows on each side. As the bus got older, the school district sold it to a family with nine children of their own. After the children of the family grew up, the owner turned the bus into a work vehicle with industrial workbenches on either side of the interior. EJ bought the bus after talking to the owner for $3,000 from $4,500. She paid another $5,000 to paint the bus and raise the roof to six feet, ten inches inside height, and another $1,500 for the solar package, 12-volt refrigerator, and onboard water system.

All in all, EJ invested $12,000, which she earned from DoorDash, to make Loki a standalone off-grid adventure camper with EJ, her dad, and some friends putting together most of the electrical, water system, and interior trims. She says driving her bus gives her a “huge wave of liberating freedom,” which sounds like a worthwhile investment.

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Everyone needs an adventure bus

Inspiration for the project comes from two stories she tells in the video. The thought of traveling freedom first popped up on her radar when her boyfriend “Tall Jake” took a month-long RV trip to Colorado. The second as she discussed the relatively shorter trip from home to school and her father told her that seeing the same things every time made the trip feel shorter. He said that traveling and seeing new things is the key to feeling like you’ve lived a long life.

Loki has everything it takes for a life on the road, at least for a while. An onboard freshwater system, propane stove, shower and composting toilet provide all the essentials. Comfortable beds, a movie projector and a hammock provide the comfort that makes it possible to wait for bad weather. When cloud cover makes climbing on the roof to the stars impossible, Loki’s ceiling is lit with 340 individual fiber optic light strands fed through individual hand-drilled holes, providing a starry sky whatever the weather outside.

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