Rubber floors – the best floors for the gym, garage, playground and more

What is the rubber floor?

Rubber flooring is an elastic substance often chosen for areas subject to heavy wear over long periods of time. Rubber flooring is usually made from recycled rubber products, most commonly vehicle tires. This makes rubber one of the most sustainable flooring options as it lasts a long time and prevents long-lasting products from ending up in landfills.

Types of rubber floors

Rubber flooring comes in three main forms. The three types of rubber floors are

  • Interlocking rubber tile
  • Square edge rubber floor tiles
  • Rubber flooring rolls / sheets

Another type of rubber flooring is the spray one. This makes the floor coverings rubber rather than a floor material itself. It is more often used in a residential rather than a commercial setting as it is less effective than authentic rubber flooring.

Why do people use rubber floors?

Rubber flooring has a number of advantages over traditional flooring types. It can be used both indoors and outdoors (although it is a little more common outdoors).

It can also be both residential and commercial, with common uses for rubber including gyms, garages, boats, bathrooms, kitchens, and playgrounds. Rubber floors can also be made from fully recyclable materials, making it a very eco-friendly flooring option. As such, it is a very versatile material and can be applied in many different environments.

Advantages of rubber floors


The number one attraction of rubber flooring is its strength. Rubber flooring is extremely resilient and will withstand continued high levels of foot traffic for decades without showing signs of wear. It’s also waterproof and repels moisture, so water damage and stains aren’t a problem. It can withstand a lot of force, making it a popular choice for situations where impact damage is likely (such as weight rooms in gyms).

Low maintenance

Rubber floors are easy to care for. They do not require updating or treatment after long periods of time in the way that concrete needs to reclose or sand the wood again. Maintenance of rubber floors is simply a matter of vacuuming regularly (as dirt and debris will build up on top of the rubber as it cannot penetrate through) and cleaning the floor once a week with mild chemicals such as a mild cleaner.


Australia has a wide variety of colors and styles available for rubber flooring. This is particularly useful in commercial settings for areas such as indoor gyms or sports facilities, as you can rubber-print the contours of a specific field. Rubber can also be textured and has multiple finishes available, although matte is the most common.


Rubber has a higher initial cost than vinyl or linoleum, but over a twenty-year cycle, rubber is guaranteed to have a minimal cost. This is due to its durability and low maintenance requirements. In the short term, the cost of rubber depends on the shape of the rubber floor you intend to purchase.

On average, rubber tiles cost between $ 15- $ 65 per tile. Rubber mats or sheets usually cost around $ 45- $ 150 per linear foot.

Rubber Flooring Australia – Best Matte Rubber Floor Coverings from Brisbane to Melbourne

5. Bunnings: Paving Shed Paver

Rubber flooring ideas for rubber flooring home kitchen bathroom exterior interior flooring tiles

Available here

Cost: $ 30.98 per square meter

Bunnings has a wide range of high quality rubber flooring at affordable prices. The rubber mat pictured above comes in a 10mm thick sheet of one square meter. It is easy to cut with a utility knife and can be mounted to shape the area.

It is made from recycled Australian tires and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This rubber mat can be glued to a solid base or laid loose on a concrete / compact base.

4. Bunnings: In-place casting rubber flooring

Rubber flooring ideas for rubber flooring home kitchen bathroom exterior interior flooring tiles

Available here

Cost: $ 74.90 for 1.5 sq. M

Another stellar rubber flooring option from Bunnings, the wet rubber surface is the way to go if you’re looking for a seamless look. Wet pour rubber is composed of a mixture of rubber granules and polyurethane resin, which is applied to existing rigid substrates. It can be applied to virtually any solid base that has been properly prepared, including wood, concrete, asphalt, metal, and even just plain dirt.

This product covers up to 1.5 square meters and is recommended for paths, playgrounds, pool areas, garden sheds, ramps and stairs. Like all rubber floors, it is a non-slip surface. This product is also suitable for DIY and has an easy working time of only 30-50 minutes.

3. Aussie Fitness: Gym floor tiles with red flecks

Rubber flooring ideas for rubber flooring home kitchen bathroom exterior interior flooring tiles

Available here

Cost: $ 35.96

Mottled rubber is a symbol of indoor exercise, dominating the floor of many gyms across Australia. These mottled rubber tiles are available in many other different colors from Aussie Fitness. They are non-slip, non-toxic and made from recycled materials. These tiles are 15mm thick and are suitable for indoor use only.

2. Plus appliances: fall protection tiles

Rubber flooring ideas for rubber flooring home kitchen bathroom exterior interior flooring tiles

Available here

Cost: 281.99 (12 tiles of 50 x 50 cm)

These rubber tiles are specifically designed to prevent fall damage and cushion impacts. They are perfect for outdoor recreation, high intensity sports, children’s playgrounds, and exercise areas for seniors. They are resistant to all weather conditions, which makes them perfect for outdoors.

Green rubber is also slightly more attractive than regular black rubber as it mimics the look of laid grass. This product comes with 12 tiles, each 50cm x 50cm with an extreme thickness of 3cm. The extra thickness helps the rubber to better absorb impacts and cushion falls, making it one of the safest flooring options.

1. Clark rubber outdoor tile

Rubber flooring ideas for rubber flooring home kitchen bathroom exterior interior flooring tiles

Available here

Cost: $ 68.95

Clark Rubber is one of Australia’s leading rubber flooring suppliers. Clark Rubber supplies high-quality rubber flooring and tiles for almost any scenario, from rubber covering of indoor kitchens, garages, bathrooms and play areas to outdoor patios, playgrounds, paths and pool areas.

The rubber patio tile featured above is a practical and classy way to protect an outdoor entertainment area exposed from the weather while keeping a mature aesthetic intact. For a look at the rest of their extensive rubber flooring catalog, see here.

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