Residents go almost a week without heat, hot water during cool and cold temperatures

CANTON, Miss. (WLBT) – Imagine having no heat inside your home to keep you warm during this cold spell.

That was the reality for some Canton residents who live in the Canton Garden Apartments.

For almost a week they had neither heat nor hot water inside their apartment. The good news is that the heat is back now.

Over the past week, temperatures dropped into the thirties and there was even a frost warning in effect.

For tenants living in Building A at the Canton Garden Apartments, they had no heat to warm themselves.

WLBT spoke with a resident who did not want us to reveal her identity.

However, she reveals what it was like to have no heat or hot water in her home while trying to keep her family safe and warm in these cold temperatures.

“I have to prepare before I get home,” she said. “Buy food that I can microwave or either stop and grab something quick, had to buy thicker pajamas for my little one because she was complaining about being cold at night. I mean it’s ridiculous, it makes no sense. “

This resident says she used space heaters over the past few days to keep warm, but it only did so much.

“It’s been cold,” she explained. “I had to send my kids to my parents’ house in Madison so they wouldn’t be cold for the weekend.”

In all, nearly two dozen people who live in the apartment complex were left out in the cold.

“At least 20 people maybe,” the resident described. “It’s a whole building, and some of these buildings have multiple people. There are children here, adults and elderly people.”

When she called to find out why the gas and hot water were off at her building, the Canton resident said she was told the complex couldn’t pay the bill.

On Wednesday, Canton Municipal Utilities, which is the gas company, said someone from the complex cut a check that paid their past balances.

As a result, residents now have warm and hot water during the cold and cool temperatures.

While the residents are happy to have the heat back on, they expressed that they are still frustrated by this whole situation.

“It’s just because they didn’t do what they didn’t do what they were supposed to,” the resident expressed. “We do what we have to, but they don’t do what they have to, so we have to suffer.”

According to residents and CMU, this is not the first time the complex has missed or been late with a payment.

We tried calling and then stopped by the leasing office in person, but we could not get anyone to talk to us about this story.

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