Research suggests houseplants can help protect against the flu

Winter has well and truly arrived in Melbourne and with the colder weather people are more likely to catch colds or the flu.

Incredible pasture flowers

Incredible pasture flowers

MELBOURNE, Australia, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to Amazing Graze Flowers, which provides flower delivery in Melbourne, indoor plants are a secret weapon in fighting the cold or flu virus. While stocking up on vitamin C, drinking plenty of fluids and getting plenty of rest are all surefire ways to lessen the severity of a cold or flu, when it comes to prevention, houseplants just might do the trick. ‘affair.

Scientists have already proven that plants have air-purifying qualities and can help clear the air of toxins and impurities, but now research suggests they can also help with colds and flu. . During a process called transpiration, moisture is transferred from the roots of a plant through the pores of the leaves and turns into vapour. Plants typically lose around 90% of their water per day during this process. Essentially, water evaporates from the plant into the air, creating higher humidity in the home.

Peer-reviewed studies conducted over the past 10 years have found that when humidity levels are above 40%, the potency of the flu virus is significantly reduced, reducing its severity and contagious effects. Amazing Graze Flowers explains that the taller the plant, the higher the humidity level will increase.

Amazing Graze Flowers suggests adding a rubber plant to spaces without direct sunlight. The broad leaves help transpire more moisture into the air and it is an easy plant to care for. Another easy-to-care-for plant with broad leaves is the golden heart dracaena or “happy plant,” which likes bright, indirect light and only needs watering every few weeks.

For optimal perspiring results, Amazing Graze Flowers recommends choosing large-leaved houseplants like peace lilies, snakes and monsteras or considering creating a living wall with many plants hanging together. Proximity to plants will increase the humidity around them, helping to increase humidity in the air.

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