Renovation and interior design make the best possible use of your space

Storage is one of the main areas that people want to update and change in their homes. We never have enough, and what we have is not designed to its full potential. In 2021, global brand Komandor saw a massive increase in the number of homeowners turning their tiniest bedroom into a spacious walk-in wardrobe – and in Ireland that was the awkward chest room. Using a small spare bedroom as a walk-in wardrobe creates more space in your bedroom, keeps you organized, and makes putting laundry away an easier task. The clothes you have are right in front of you, which makes it much easier to put the looks together.

Sliding wardrobes are perfect for bedroom alcoves – as a bespoke design and installation specialist, Komandor creates a functional space tailored to fit you, your home, and your lifestyle.

Obviously, renovation is hard. Here are some tips and tricks to make it easier.

• First, make a list of the improvements (no matter how big or small) you’d like to make to your home.

• Do any of these improvements require planning permission? On that note, also consider the neighbor’s permission. Let them know in advance that you have started the renovation.

• Get quotes. If the company offers a free design service, such as Commando, book the appointment. Get the professionals to measure, and even design something, so you can see what the final design will look like. This will give you a factual quote rather than an estimate.

• Don’t just look at price, look at quality, timelessness and service. When you work with experts in the field, you gain access to their wealth of knowledge and years of experience. They can advise you on the best use of space, materials and design.

• Don’t just have Pinterest folders and screenshots of what you love. Print photos, delete them from magazines. Buy an A4 sketchbook and create a mood board for each room.

• Add bullet points for whatever room you want. If you want your living room to be super cozy, that modern, structured sofa you love might not be practical—instead, a back sofa scattered in similar colors of fabrics could be perfect.

• Bring pictures or videos of the room to show the furniture store staff to give them a feel of your room.

• Don’t be afraid to bring your mood board scrapbook to showrooms and ask if they have a similar store.

• When bringing samples of fabric, paint, wood, tile, carpet or flooring, be sure to see them in natural and artificial light before making your decision. They are also seen in different parts of the room.

• Ask for advice at each showroom. The employees were trained and spent every day with the products, knowing their products and their inventory.

To get a quote for a large wardrobe, sliding wardrobes or custom-made storage, book a free design consultation with Komandor today.

Komandor’s design service covers everything from 2-door sliding wardrobe to design from floor plans to new build/renovation.

To book an email to consult your design [email protected] Or call 091 766674.

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