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From the November 25, 1897, Scott County Argus

AE Walters has moved from CA Stevens’ residence to the house west of Wm. Hind’s residential property.


From the November 23, 1922, Shakopee Tribune

Work began last week on erecting a new three-bedroom bungalow for George Demers. Demers purchased the Galvin property some time ago, and the old Galvin home has been razed to make way for the new structure. Wm. Engel does the carpentry work.


From the November 20, 1947, Shakopee Argus-Tribune

The city now has NEW Area

Shakopee now owns the 205-acre land, formerly the NYA Center, east of town. The deed to the property was delivered to Mayor JJ Cavanaugh by Fred Denfield, Custodian of the State Property, at noon on Tuesday.

In return for the deed, Mr. Denfield city’s check to the state of Minnesota for $7,500 and the transaction was completed.

Sale of the property to the city was approved by the Legislature in 1947, but the actual conversion of title was delayed for several months.

For a time it was thought that parts of the property, including the old “Murphy House” and the Indian Mounds, would be excluded from the description and reserved for the State Historical Society. The only exception is the right of way and the reservation of a borrow pit.

City officials, it was learnt, have no immediate plans for the development of the area, which is occupied by several houses and industrial buildings. The houses are rented by families of war veterans under a lease originally negotiated with the state by the Shakopee Post of the American Legion. It is understood that the housing facility will continue and that there has been no intention to disrupt the current arrangement.


From the November 22, 1972, Shakopee Valley News

Architect Outlines Downtown Renovation

Plans to renovate part of downtown Shakopee, including construction of an enclosed mall on Lewis Street, were met with a generally positive reaction from downtown businessmen Monday night.

Richard Vosepka, architect for the proposed project, outlined two preliminary plans for remodeling the building’s exterior on the north side of First Ave. between Holmes and Lewis Streets.

One of the plans, whose estimated cost is $196,730, will involve attaching new facades to both the upper and lower portions of buildings, creating a uniform look for the entire block.

Another plan, apparently met with the greatest favor by businessmen and costing an estimated $110,000, would basically involve the same type of renovation as proposed in the second plan, with less emphasis on remodeling the upper parts of the buildings.

Also outlined Monday night were preliminary plans for a $3 million, two-story enclosed shopping center on Lewis Street that would be developed by a private agent. Vosepka said such an addition to the downtown area would be beneficial in that it would provide competition to any mall that may be located in Shakopee in the future.


From November 20, 1997, Shakopee Valley News

Unique screen to use to track stalkers

First county in US to locate offenders with satellite system

In the war on violence, the Scott County Sheriff’s Department has become the first in the country to use a … and surveillance system to track stalking and domestic abuse.

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