Ree Drummond and her sister Betsy are working on a house project!

Ree Drummond

My sister Betsy lives in Seattle. She did not manage to travel home to Oklahoma for a year plus during the early pandemic days, and when Alex’s wedding rolled around last year, she was ready for a nice, long visit! Long story short, that visit turned into several visits last summer, and in the fall she spent a lot of time here. And I got to see my nephew, Elliot, a lot more — I missed him!

Another long story short: last fall, Betsy and I decided to buy a house together in Pawhuska and arrange it so she would have a home base here in Oklahoma every time she visits. It will serve as an extra place in town for friends and family (and movie crews!) To stay as needed, and in time we just started calling it “Sister House.” That name has stuck!

Here are some glimpses inside! We will keep you updated as we get things done over the next few weeks.

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Here is the front of the house! We stayed pretty true to the original as we did not want to make any radical changes (like painting the brick white) that could be jarring for the sweet, quiet neighborhood. We need a little landscaping and would like to paint the front door in a nice color. Some ideas?

This is the entrance to the house and it is especially fun because this is a new doorway that was not there before! It used to be a coat closet, but we broke through and turned it into a walkway to the kitchen. There is so much more light than there was before!

We kept the fireplace and old fixtures that the house already had, but added doors to the lower cabinets and gave the fixture a fresh coat of paint. It will be a nice, cozy room!

We had to replace the stair railing and went for the traditional look. There were many ways we could go here, including a modern black / iron railing … but we wanted to keep it homely and traditional. We have a beautiful runner for the stairs. It’s a little pink!

We had this awkward space under the stairs, which we were considering turning into a hidden room, hidden dog room or hidden wine cellar … but we do not have to hide, Betsy does not have a dog, and we do not have wine connoisseurs, ha! So we just added shelves for cookbooks and stuff.

On the other side of the stairs is the dining room, which used to be the living room! We added simple panels to the walls and love the lightness and brightness of the soft white paint. Cortney McClure in Bartlesville, Oklahoma helped us with furniture and fixtures, and I love these pendants!

We have a couple of glass front cabinets in the kitchen and those are the doors. I love the curved profile and the quartz sawn oak. To me, quartz-sawn oak always looks older and more “vintage” than regular oak. It’s also more expensive, so we just used it for a few touches here and there.


The old upstairs study!

This is probably my favorite room in the house. Cortney, Betsy and I all agreed that the old (circa 1980) plaid rug should stay, and Cortney suggested choosing a super dark navy blue to coordinate with the colors of the plaid. I absolutely love this room, which is next to Elliot’s bedroom. Great place to hang out and watch old 80’s movies!

The secret behind a dark, moody color like this is to go all in: walls, doors, trim, even ceiling! And can we talk about the beautiful shape this old rug is in? I think we should get it cleaned for safety, haha, but it has been taken care of so well over the years.


The light, bright version

This is the corresponding berth on the other side of the stairwell. We keep it bright and bright, and Cortney got the idea to wallpaper the ceiling and the top of the walls. Will keep you informed about it!


Beautiful and predictable

To one of the bathrooms upstairs we went with white / gray marble and white closets. A bit of a safe choice, but we like it a lot … and there are plenty of non-white spaces around the house to add a little color and fun!

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