Red Dead Redemption 2 Robbery: How To Robb Trains, Houses, Shops, Stagecoaches And Banks

Want to learn more about heists in Red Dead Redemption 2? In Red Dead Redemption 2, cowboys tend to do bad things. There are tons of criminal activities you can take part in to embrace the bandit life, including a lot of different forms of heist. If robbery appeals to you, but you’re not sure where to start, then we come in.

In this guide, we’ll explain each type of heist in Red Dead Redemption 2 and show you how to rob a stagecoach, house, shop, trains, and banks.

How to rob a stagecoach?

You can rob any coach you encounter in the game, but don’t expect to reap many rewards until after you complete the mission “The Spines of America” ​​in Chapter 2. From this point on, you can take any coach you’ve robbed and sold to the wagon fence at Emerald Ranch for some profit.

Once you complete the “Friends in Very Low Places” mission in Chapter 3, you’ll unlock six carriage heist missions.

These coaching missions come down to two steps:

  • Request a tip from a postal worker. There are a total of two “discouraged workers” that will lead you to three missions each.
  • Open your bag, read the accompanying note and this will reveal the coach’s location on your map.

It is a good idea to approach bus drivers unarmed and yell at them. This way they are likely to stop the coach and in some cases you can even trick those on board.

If you’ve managed to stop the coach, it’s largely up to you as to how to proceed. In most cases, you want to put on a mask and take out everyone. Once you’ve done this, look for a lockbox or safe in the back. If you have the option, drive the car back to the gate and sell it.

In some of the stagecoach specific missions, not all drivers will stop when called up and some passengers will flee with details about a hidden stash on board. With this in mind, approach each situation as you would expect – send everyone, or hogtie, and interrogate those who run away.

How to rob a house?

Almost every home heist becomes available from the start of Chapter 2. Your main goal is to loot as many valuables as possible and recover a hidden stash.

Some camp members will take you on special house raid missions, so just follow their lead in these cases. Other home raids can arise dynamically when exploring the open world. You can get tips on the location of your home from strangers who have helped you, or you can stumble across these locations naturally. As you approach a house to raid, you may encounter a character or hear a heated discussion. If you suspect that the house is more substantial than most, then there is probably some loot to be had.

Robbing a house can take several forms, and some very unique ones that we won’t spoil here. In most cases, you have to sneak around while everyone else is asleep or distracted. While in other cases you may need to remove threats or interrogate residents to find those hidden lockboxes. Be sure to search each house thoroughly as we almost missed out on new weapons or collectibles because we almost forgot to check small rooms or climb ladders.

How to rob a store?

Any shop can be robbed by pulling out your weapon and holding the shopkeeper at gunpoint. Communicate with them and there will be an option to “rob” the store. Don’t forget to put on your mask before doing this, and flee quickly once you’ve taken what you need. However, it’s worth chasing shopping storylines as they have additional rewards that you can claim.

Here’s a list of all the shops with unique heist missions, along with a quick tip to get them started, because we don’t want to ruin the encounters for you:

  • Rhodes gunsmith: Look to the right of the main entrance, there should be someone to communicate with. You may even hear an unreliable conversation. Hold up the owner and choose the unique dialog option.
  • Saint Denis Gunsmith: There is a security door on the other side of the store. Communicate with it, hold up the shopkeeper and choose the unique dialogue option.
  • Strawberry General Store – Look through the basement window. Hold up the shopkeeper and choose the unique dialogue option.
  • Valentine Doctor: Go to the right of the store and you may notice some dodgy transactions. Knock on the door, hold up the shopkeeper and select the unique dialogue option.

A steam train in Red Dead Redemption 2, making its way across a bridge

How to rob a train?

Similar to coaches, you can rob trains once you complete a specific early story mission. In this case, it’s the “Pouring Forth Oil” story mission during Chapter 2.

Camp members also take you on special train heists as you progress through the game.

Here’s how to rob a train:

  • You can board a train by racing next to it on horseback and on . to push [square] or [circle] to jump up.
  • You can loot the train while it’s still moving, but it’s best to stop it while it’s in the middle of nowhere. To do this, go to the driver’s carriage at the front of the train and send or threaten the driver into it.
  • Move through the carriages, steal valuables and beat or threaten passengers to hand over their goods as well.
  • Freight trains usually contain a few collectibles and a single chest. Passenger trains usually have more chests and have passengers that you can loot as well.
  • It is likely that you will have to send train guards and eliminate witnesses to avoid reporting your crime.
  • We also recommend selecting and stopping trains that are in the wilderness, as opposed to those near major cities. This way you minimize witnesses.
  • Once you’re done, make sure you flee the scene on horseback as quickly as possible!

How to rob a bank?

Once you reach a certain point in Chapter 4, Charles will task you with a bank robbery mission.*

*Available only to those who own the Special and Ultimate editions of the game.

Banks can also be found in most major cities. To rob one, threaten the cashier and force him to open the bank vault. You then have to break open each safe, with dynamite or with your bare hands.

Dynamite is a fast, but very loud option that attracts attention. Breaking open a safe the traditional way takes time and requires a small stick rotation minigame to complete.

Once you’ve cracked the safe, make sure you take all the loot with you and get out of town as quickly as possible.

That’s the summary of our guide to everything you can rob in Red Dead Redemption 2. If you’d rather protect the humans, check out our guides on how to find the Night Folk and how to find the Vampire in Red Dead Redemption 2. These occult mysteries must be solved if you want to prevent nightmarish horrors from unfolding in the shadows. Whatever you do, make sure you do it in style by checking out our Red Dead Redemption 2 hat locations and Red Dead Redemption 2 mask location guides.

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