Rangers help trekkers who got lost in the dark and snowy ADK trails. Forcing illegal litterers to clean up the mess


Around the evening of May 20, a group of three hikers activated emergency lights on the Phelps Trail east of Little Marcy in the Adirondacks.

Unable to contact the party by phone. Two New York State Department of Environmental Conservation rangers set out to look for them. Around 1 a.m. after six miles of rain and 4 feet of snow, a ranger found a bewildered hiker on the trail.

After treating climbers with symptoms of hypothermia Rangers helped to load equipment down the mountain. In the morning, the group reached the Johns Brook outpost, where rangers continued to warm the climbers before continuing to the starting point. Medical treatment is no longer required.

The climbers are on a three-day journey. But they don’t check the weather forecast or turn away when there’s more snow than they can handle. With Memorial Day weekend approaching and more people heading outdoors, DEC encourages hikers to check the weather forecast and know restrictions before heading out on outdoor adventures.

The following report is excerpted from the DEC:

Rangers arrested three suspects by littering on state property in Suffolk County and forcing them to clean up debris.

Forest rangers discovered piles of debris in the Rocky Point State Forest, Suffolk County, on May 17 due to frequent illegal dumping. The area is being monitored by both the Suffolk County Pine Barrens Law Enforcement Council and rangers. The rangers identified three suspects, charged with dumping garbage on government land. and forced to clean

On the evening of May 18, a 27-year-old angler from Amsterdam fell into Lake Great Sacandaga after his rowboat capsized. He tried to climb onto the capsized boat and wait for rescue. A ranger borrows a kayak. tie the bag on the shore and rowed to the man by wearing a life ring for him Volunteer firefighters helped haul the drowning man ashore using throwing bags while caretakers, aided by a kind Samaritan, pulled the overturned boat ashore. The man’s friend took him to the hospital.

On the afternoon of May 20, a dog bit a 29-year-old woman hiking the Northville Placid Trail with her mother and two other dogs, including the dog that bit her. The rangers arrived and found that the woman’s hand was bleeding profusely. As the bite penetrated through Rescue workers provided first aid and helped the couple return to their vehicle. A woman who was bitten by a dog seeks medical help on her own.

Report of forest rangers for the week of December 14-21, 2023

Rangers dealt with several wildfires in the past week, including a one-acre fire in Blenheim. Some of the fires are caused by the incineration of rubbish, others are caused by an unknown source. It’s all turned off.

Rangers also dealt with several wildfires last week, a 30-acre fire in Black Brook that took days to contain; a 2-acre fire in Neversink; The one-acre fire in Blenheim, the 4.6-acre fire in Bern, and the 9.7-acre fire in Forestburgh. It’s all turned off.

The two campers went trekking on May 21 at about 2:00 p.m. near the Little Pond campground, unable to return that night. Furthermore, they never shared their plans with anyone. Rangers searched for the couple overnight. At 9:00 AM, the campers wandered out of the woods on their own. Ranger spoke to both of them. which said that they lost their way and decided to stay in the forest until daylight. they are in good health


On the evening of May 21, hikers at the Hannacroix Preserve found a man face down in Hannacroix Creek and called 911. Rescuers assisted the Greene County Sheriff’s Office and the New Baltimore Volunteer Fire Department in extracting the 55-year-old man’s body. who died from the creek before taking him to the UTV, which drove about three-quarters of a mile to the start. The body was turned over to the coroner.

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