Queue! How to add pizzazz to your interior with stripes for all seasons

There’s a lot to be said about color, its mood-boosting properties, and the deeply personal preferences we have for it.

So if we’re looking for an alternative to algorithmic minimalism, why not explore stripes to add some flair to your home?

While much more interesting than a plain, plain wall, there is something inherently classic about striped interiors with the pattern used by countless design movements and spawning many decorating trends throughout history, indeed found in homes and buildings around the world , from preppy American apartments and rustic Mediterranean homes to the high-gloss walls of India.

While simple in theory, it’s just lines, stripes that come in a plethora of incarnations, with the ability to be nostalgic, retro, modern, and everything in between.

A classic use of stripes in upholstery and wallpaper. Photo/Getty Images

A dash may be enough

For those who want a more understated approach, stripes work well as an accent in the home. An accessible textile pattern, stripes can be woven or printed, it is a popular choice for soft furnishings such as curtains, carpets and upholstery (stripes hide stains and signs of wear more than a solid color). The effect can be kitsch, elegant, or rustic, like the pastoral appeal of butcher’s stripes and repurposed flour sacks, and stripes can go with a myriad of different interior styles, from classic and baroque to mid-century, 1980s, and modernist.

Photo/Getty Images
Photo/Getty Images

It’s an ephemeral way to personalize your place

For renters or those looking to add a more temporary injection of stripes to their home, the dining room is prime territory; striped tablecloths, those Fog Linen trays, classic bistro plates with the thin stripe around the edge (found on eBay) and those signature striped bowls, available locally at Studio or Tableware, are all charming ways to add extra flavor to your set table . Or bring some lines to the bedroom, with linens in preppy Bengali stripes or a vibrant Bayadere.

Wallace cotton cushions.  Photo / Supplied
Wallace cotton cushions. Photo / Supplied

Stripes can bring life to your interior

Certain stripes have a healthy energy and holiday feel to them, especially the wider variety, such as Cabana stripes and those with bright whites. Think awnings, umbrellas and beach towels, stripes can carry you away and help you take advantage of the recent resurgence of Mediterranean-inspired style. The romance of travel, even approximate, never goes out of style, and it’s not for nothing that Missoni stripes have become synonymous with luxury travel. Speaking of health and vitality, stripes have a sporty edge too, with the print inherent in the codes of preppy style rugby shirts, boat sheds and Ralph Lauren Home’s influential range of decor.

Feast India Co.'s The Pink Zebra in Kanpur, designed by Renesa Studio of New Delhi.  Photo / Supplied
Feast India Co.’s The Pink Zebra in Kanpur, designed by Renesa Studio of New Delhi. Photo / Supplied

Beige is boring. Why not have some fun with your home?

Striped walls lend themselves perfectly to an eclectic interior. Their robust appearance makes them a worthy counterbalance to bright colors and other patterns, and they can help resolutely connect a wide range of different elements. Be inspired by the dynamic creations of the Memphis Group, the op art stripes in Polly Maggoo (1966) or the vibrant work of Renesa architects from Delhi (pictured). Are you feeling particularly cheeky? Why not paint your floor!

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